I've format my c drive using dos in XP pro

  User-69F413EA-3853-48A9-BCB0872CBEAF13DE 12:33 19 Oct 2004

HI can any one help please I've just installed XP Pro went into dos & tried to fdisk & format my hard drive. fdisk dose not work but format dose. so I format c drive.

I've tried installing some computer games to no gain but b4 if formated my hard drive can any one help me.

Ps I have 120 gb drive & would like any advice re partion? of this drive many thanks

  Giggle n' Bits 12:40 19 Oct 2004

go to Fdisk using a Win 98 or ME Floppy disk.

When in FDISK press option 4 and display your partitions.

Choose 3 & Delete 4

Then choose 4 and check all and no partitions are there.

Then select 1 Create new Primary Doss partition.

Validate is Y and Y when asked by the way.


Reboot (Change the Boot order to CD & HDD then have your XP CD in CD when it starts to search for booting from CD prese enter and follow onscreen prompt.

When asked to format in FAT or NTFS choose NTFS (not quick)

Then install.

Thanks I try this tonight when I get a few hours
many thanks.

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