ive added ram ddr but!

  stan1985 14:07 09 May 2006

i deciced to upgrade from 512 to 1gb ram i checked with company i bought from and duelly bought the extra ram and fitted it but since then after 10-15 mins the pc crashs on reboot windows says 1. problem with driver or 2. problem with video card [its solution is to slow memory speed down or 3. just your run of the mill 3. major systerm error[ive swapped back to oringnal ram and everything fine also emailed company they say to do a memory dignostic test but how!!

  Diodorus Siculus 15:16 09 May 2006

Memtest86 - Memory Diagnostic Page
click here

Certainly sounds dodgy. Did you try the new ram alone and see how it goes?

  User-312386 16:34 09 May 2006

Your PSU (power supply unit) may not be up to the job

  stan1985 16:53 09 May 2006

no i didn,t try alone good idea and is there away of finding out about the psu

  Diodorus Siculus 19:14 09 May 2006

Do you know the rating of the PSU? Take a look at it and it may have the output printed.

  rmcqua 10:49 10 May 2006

Why would fitting extra RAM cause the PSU to suddenly become inadequate? I can't believe this is the cause of the problem.

  wee eddie 14:20 10 May 2006

Tell us more about the PC and it's OS.

  skidzy 23:34 11 May 2006

This sounds like a classic non compatible memory module,i have also encountered a similar problem in the past.

Try this link click here this will tell you the Ram required for your pc.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:09 12 May 2006

if you are there are limits on how much memory older operating systems can take.

Then there is the BIOS, maybe a upgrade ? then there is possibly the PSU and size of it. Also how many DIMM Slots have you got, do you know the Motherboard model. The more info the more we can help.

  rmcqua 10:47 12 May 2006

PSU rating is not going to be an issue with RAM size. Don't complicate the issue by worrying about your PSU.

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