iTunes on Windows PC

  Rabi 22:47 13 Aug 2005


I have Windows Media Player and MusicMatch on my PC, with WMA, MP3, and WAV music sound files.

I have now begun to use iTunes (Windows) with my new Mini iPod.

Anyone know how I can convert the WMA to MP3?

And How do I import the MP3's and WAV already on my PC into the iTunes?

Thank you...

  Forum Editor 00:14 14 Aug 2005

from your Windows media player library into iTunes, but be aware that by default they'll be converted to Apples' AAC format, although you can select Apple Lossless format if you wish. I advise doing that if you subsequently want to write the files to CD.

In iTunes go to file and select 'add folder to library' - then navigate to the folder where your files are stored.

  Rabi 01:49 15 Aug 2005

Thanks, will try it out and post result.

I have another question on similr lines, and Don't know if this should be a new thread,but here goes:

How would I convert my WMA sound files, unprotected ofcourse, into MP3's on the same Hard Disk? Note, I have Windows Media Player 9 and 10, Musicmatch 8 (Full Version), and iTunes for Windows (latest version); could i convert using any of these? Or do I need another piece of software?


  Isaac123 15:36 15 Aug 2005

dbpoweramp would have been my recommendation, but I understand it is no longer free?

I have similar issues with WMA to MP3;
Anyone know of a FREE convertor?

Thanks, in advance

  Rabi 15:08 16 Aug 2005

Forum Editor:

Followed your advice, and went and imported both a folder and a file, changing the format before I imported to "use MP3 encoding". Import was fine, music plays fine, but ...

instead of an MP3 file, the file created was same as the original, which was a WAV file! So, I selected the song, right clicked, chose "convert selection to MP3", and clicked. Conversion was done, but the file is now an MPEG-1, Layer 3 file. Any idea what is happening?

Why isn't the inported file converting into MP3, but retaining its original encoding?

And why is the second conversion resulting in an MPEG-1 audio file?

BTW, this is happening not only to one song, but all songs imported into iTunes using the import procedure, and not only to WAV but to WMA sound files.

Would appreciate any help, thanks

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