iTunes wants to delete contents of my iPhone!

  mh84 10:45 17 Dec 2010

I recentlty restored windows XP on my laptop. Having backed up all of my stuff, It slipped my mind to back up itunes. While I have all my music that was in itunes I did not save the apps. When I now connect and try to sync my iPhone, it tells me that all the apps and music and other content will be deleted from my iPhone.

Is there a way to stop this happening?

Not sure if Ive made it clear enough what happening, let me know if you need clarification of anything...oh and try to explain slowly as Im not very good at this type of thing :-\

  gengiscant 11:06 17 Dec 2010

First of all you need to stop itunes automatically syncing your iphone.
Go to Edit, Preferences, and the Devices tab. Check the option "Disable automatic syncing for iPhones and iPods".
***BEFORE you plug in your iPod,

Then connect your iphone,right click the iPhone icon in the left-hand list of the iTunes window, then transfer purchases.As long as your PC is authorized that should do the trick, for your apps.

I use this for my music:click here

  mh84 12:35 17 Dec 2010

Thanks, I will try that tonight....

Regarding apps that I have 'lost' will I need to pay to redownload them from iTunes?

  gengiscant 12:49 17 Dec 2010

No, just download them again and the itunes store will know that you have already purchased the app.

  mh84 11:31 27 Dec 2010

Ok so Ive done that and got the apps off my iphone into iTunes, but what about apps that I purchased that where not on my phone, but in iTunes?

Is there a way to get all of these back in one go, or do I have to search for them individually in itunes? how am I going to remember which ones I had? Im thinking specifically about some of the lonely planet apps that where given free for a period, but are no longer free! I cant remember which ones I had for free!!!

  gengiscant 12:11 27 Dec 2010

Not sure what you mean as I have only ever purchased apps through my ipod touch, but whether they are free or not you would have got a receipt for the app. So yes it will be necessary to look through your receipts and downloading them again.
Try and remember in future to keep a copy of your itunes folder, saves a lot of bother.

  mh84 12:15 27 Dec 2010

ok thanks, thats what I was thinking, I will go through the receipts!

This wont be a problem in the future as I am getting rid of my iPhone and living an iTunes and Apple free life! I cant stand them any longer!!! Android is the way forward for me :-)

  gengiscant 14:38 27 Dec 2010

I love my ipod touch but itunes,I admit is a pain.

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