iTunes v WMP 10

  hawthorn59 15:37 16 Oct 2007


probably an impossible question, but looking for an opinion as to whether iTunes or WMP 10 is best...

i used to use Itunes and found it v good. Also found WMP fine, except at the time I dont think it would rip into mp3, but now I think it does.

Its just that if I have both of them and use both, I'll probably end up confused about where all my tracks are! Is there anything that one does that the other doesnt, for example?



  tobyb121 17:08 16 Oct 2007

I use itunes to store and organize all of my music, and I find it is great for doing this, while I find WMP very confusing and hard work to use. But itunes is slow to start up, so I use WMP to play single songs, as it is fast to load and is much easier than having to add and remove a song from your itunes. Regarding the ripping to mp3, I am unsure amout WMP 10 but 11 does rip into MP3, you just have to select it from the rip menu

  Terry Brown 19:03 16 Oct 2007

The only thing (that I know of ) that itunes does that WMP does not is to find duplicates.

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