iTunes won't work!

  ianm6uk 13:07 21 Jul 2005

I uninstalled itunes last week. The cd-rom and writer are now disabled. (They do not show in 'my computer')
I have looked at other forums/magazineS which say to delete various things within the registry but nothing will delete. Nor can I change any numbers/settings. I am the only user of my computer.
If I can't get them working soon at least this will be the opportunity (not that I have the choice!) to upgrade to a faster writer and dvd writer.
Any ideas will be appreciated.

  BaboonBoy22 13:59 21 Jul 2005

In the Device Manager, is anything listed under DVD/CR-ROM drives ?

  ianm6uk 14:27 21 Jul 2005

Yes.The dvd-rom and the cd writer have exclamation marks before them.

  BaboonBoy22 14:34 21 Jul 2005

When you rigt click on the drives what options do you get.. have you tried installing the drivers again? Have ago at the Troubleshoot

  ianm6uk 14:43 21 Jul 2005

When I right click on the drives I get: update driver, disable, uninstall, scan for hardware changes and properties.
I have tried to update driver but obviously I can't do this with a cd. I've disabled them to no avail.
When I click onto properties, the device status states that 'Windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device. (Code 41)'

  BaboonBoy22 15:06 21 Jul 2005

Try this.. Good luck! :) click here;en-us;310123#XSLTH3588121122120121120120

  BaboonBoy22 15:09 21 Jul 2005

ok that didn't come out right
click here;en-us;310123#XSLTH3588121122120121120120

  BaboonBoy22 15:10 21 Jul 2005

Stuff it.. here it is neway..
Code 41
Windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device. (Code 41)

Recommended resolution
A driver was loaded but Windows cannot find the device. This error occurs when Windows does not detect a non-Plug and Play device.

If the device was removed, uninstall the driver, install the device, and then click Scan for hardware changes to reinstall the driver. If the hardware was not removed, obtain a new or updated driver for the device.

If the device is a non-Plug and Play device, a newer version of the driver might be needed. To install non-Plug and Play devices, use the Add Hardware wizard. Click Performance and Maintenance on Control Panel, click System, and on the Hardware tab, click Add Hardware Wizard.

On the General Properties tab of the device, click Troubleshoot to start the Troubleshooting Wizard.

  ianm6uk 15:25 21 Jul 2005

I've just tried it several times and it says that the page is unavailable. I had a look at Microsoft's website as mentioned in the latest (Sept) PC Advisor. The article reads: ' start at the registry editor...current version then policies. In the policies window there are 2 lines: 1st: under 'name': ab (in a square) 'type':REG_SZ 'data' not set.
2nd line: under name (in a square) it looks like (in blue writing) 'OII' with 'IIO' underneath it. It states that. 'nodrivetypeautorun.'
At Microsoft's website I downloaded their 'autofix.cdrom not working' wizard. I ran this and it only mentioned my drive c and floppy. No mention of the dvd/cd writer drives. I will continue to look at the above you mentioned. Should I get into it, I'll let you know.

  BaboonBoy22 15:34 21 Jul 2005

Have you been to the manufacturers website and downloaded the latest drivers? (I had a problem quite similar to yours and it turned out to be an out-of-date driver)

  ianm6uk 18:01 21 Jul 2005

As a last resort I contacted the manufacturer of the computer. I am pleased to say that the problem has been solved!!!!
This is how: start,run,regedit,HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,SYSTEM,CURRENTCONTROLSET,CONTROL,Class,4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318, delete upperfilter and lowerfilter. Restart computer.
BaboonBoy22, many thanks for taking the time to respond to my plite. I appreciate it!!! If I could buy you a pint or 3 I would!! Thanks again!!!

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