iTunes sync contacts

  Dalglish2 09:18 12 Mar 2010

I have just synced my iPhone with iTunes and mistakenly added work contacts to my personal contacts all 150 of them. Is there a way to undo this? admittedly iTunes did offer me to add these contacts but I clicked yes in error.
Many thanks

  gengiscant 09:49 12 Mar 2010

I am just guessing as I don't have a iphone I have a 'touch' I assume that there is a folder in itunes on your pc for contacts, can you not just delete the contents then sync your iphone, which should remove all, then copy your personal contacts back into the folder and re-sync.

As I said just guessing.

  john bunyan 10:05 12 Mar 2010

In i Tunes just untick the contacts folder and resynch, and confirm that you want the changes.Or go to the itunes folder itself , find the contacts folder and move it elsewhere and resynch.

  Dalglish2 15:17 14 Mar 2010

Sorted now many thanks all

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