iTunes shows X songs but not all seem to sync?

  bengreenslade 14:46 04 Nov 2008

I have in my iTunes library at the moment 3356 Songs. at 18.75 GB.
Now I have my iPod Classic 120GB plugged into my computer, and it tells me that currently syned it has 3312 Songs at 18.50 GB

I press the sync button and then iTunes tells me that the sync is complete and all songs that are in the library are on the iPod. Why is this not the case? Will anyone please be able to tell my why all my songs arnt on my iPod
iTunes is selected to sync all content in the library

  CurlyWhirly 20:23 05 Nov 2008

Have you got a tick in each box on each song?

As far as I know, iTunes *only* syncs ticked entries.

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