iTunes & QuickTime problem

  interzone55 23:01 16 Sep 2005

loads of issues since iTunes updated itself to v5. Initially it kept failing during installation. and it changed the IP Address of my DNS server.

I found out that the installation problem was linked to QuickTime, so I found a copy of iTunes 4.9 on line (from a link in another thread) and installed that. When launching the program it grumbles that QuickTime isn't installed, so I found a copy of QuickTime 6.5 online (Apples Quicktime link just takes you to iTunes 5) and installed that.

Now whenever I try to fire up iTunes I get this error "QuickTime failed to initialize. Error # -2095. Make sure QuickTime is properly installed on this computer".

This is seriously p***ing me off now. What have Apple done to cock up a perfectly good program so much. If they can't manage to write a simple media player, how come their OS is so good, or is that all a myth perpetrated by people who can't bear to own up to the fact that their overpriced computers are not actually that good after all!

  De Marcus™ 23:14 16 Sep 2005

You could always try a system restore back to when itunes was fine and deny it the opportunity to update itself. There's obviously a few bugs in the program judging by the number of posts about it of late.

  interzone55 07:17 17 Sep 2005

I did that and it didn't work, this is probably because the new version over-wrote the old version, not just the registry settings. System restore only seems to back up registry settings, not programs.

  interzone55 16:07 17 Sep 2005

Sorted now, managed to find and download QuickTime 7, after installing this on it's own I've reinstalled iTunes 5 and it's working.

It's still messing around with my DNS settings though, which is very naughty and extremely frustrating.

Anyone know why the QuickTime 7 installer is only slightly smaller (1022Kb) than the iTunes 5 & Quicktine 7 installer?

  vinnyT 16:18 17 Sep 2005

Where did you dl QuickTime 7 from, please.

I thought it was only for Mac os, have they released it for win, or is it a beta?

  De Marcus™ 16:21 17 Sep 2005

Always been available for windows click here

  interzone55 16:40 17 Sep 2005


De Marcus's link will also download iTunes, if you just want QuickTime 7 use this link click here

  Cesare 17:02 24 Feb 2006

Quicktime stand alone version 7 is 20MB as it also includes iTunes software.

  vinnyT 12:34 25 Feb 2006

Thanks alan14 & De Marcus™

  Gazzerr 16:28 25 Feb 2006

I still have the same problem- trouble is the data speeds are very low here so it takes well over an hour to download. Is it possible to get it from a disc somewhere?

  interzone55 21:39 05 Mar 2006

If you only want Quick Time try this software instead, it allows playback of all the QT files, but doesn't interfere with system settings

Quick Time Alternative
click here
it's 12.2mb

Real Alternative
click here
This is 6.39mb and plays Real Media stuff without messing with your system

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