iTunes and music file types

  belayer 17:43 10 Feb 2011

I recently downloaded iTunes to my desktop and ever since then I have been unable to play (on my Denon CD Player)any music CD I have recorded. I burn music CDs using Windows Media Player.

My CD Player plays all the CDs I recorded before I downloaded iTunes, but nothing since, although they will play in the car OK.

I suspect that a setting has changed and I am now inadvertently burning CDs in a different format/filetype than before.

How can I find out? I can't find a way of ascertaining what filetype I am creating.

  john bunyan 18:16 10 Feb 2011

In i Tunes you can set it to rip CD's in MP3 format: Edit / Preferences / Import Settings . I use MP3 Encoder 160 Kbps. If you buy iTunes from their store they normally are in M4P (DRM iTunes) unless you pay extra for MP3. You can easily burn a CD in audio format in iTunes. Create a playlist - say CD1 - then drag and drop about 20 songs to it and burn a CD in audio fornat. Do not forget to "Finalise" the CD so it will play on other CD Players. I use iTunes to burn rather than WMP.

  belayer 18:23 10 Feb 2011

OK, thanks.

Does that mean I now have to erase all the music I have put onto iTunes and re-rip them in the new setting (MP3) before I burn them to CD?

  john bunyan 19:29 10 Feb 2011

No. When you burn ensure you select Audio CD and it will covert. How did you rip the CD's originally? To see what fornat they are in, in iTunes Music, select a tune Right click on it and select "show in windows explorer" and the file extension shoul be seen at the bottom (I have W7 - what OS are you using?) Alternatively in Windows Explorer/ Ny Music / iTunes/iTunes Music the files are there and you can see the file extensions.(What are they? Dont worry they can easily be changed - come back! I am not always here though.

  belayer 11:30 11 Feb 2011

Thanks John, it tells me they are M4P files. I think I need them on CD as MP3 files.

I am using Windows 7

Is there some way to change them?


  belayer 12:09 11 Feb 2011

Actually the music files are a mixture of all sorts, MPEG, AAC, WMA, M4P


  john bunyan 17:41 11 Feb 2011

If you are going to stick with iTunes, it may be best to rip in future in MP3 as in my Thu 18:16 post. If the old ones play, fine. M4P ar iTunes from their store. For now if you want to burn a CD just create a playlist in the iTunes music folder, drag and drop the (about20 ) tunes you want into it (You will not be creating extra copies, just telling iTunes wgat songs you wnt. Then "Burn disc in audio format", finalise the disc, and it should play in other CD Players. Incidentally if you want, you can re - import the tunes in MP3 format thereby changing the M4P ones to MP3 . Unless youir CD player(s) can play MP3 files I have found it more universally easy to burn in audio format. Just select the format you want when the "burn disc" button appears at the bottom of iTunes when you have your playlist to burn ready.

  john bunyan 17:47 11 Feb 2011

Sorry for a few spelling errors! Apart from the M4P and AAC files, the others could, if you wish, be converted in iTunes music to MP3 . Just right click the tune(s) you want then select "Create MP3 Version". The only way I know to change AAC or M4P is to burn to audio CD and re - import, but why bother?

  belayer 22:24 11 Feb 2011

Thanks for your time. I will try that and see what happens, fortunately CDs are cheap so not a disaster if I have to throw a few away.

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