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  loopyloo 21:13 26 Dec 2009

I have received an new ipod for Christmas. Nano 8gb. Before this I had an older model which I hope to still use for the car. My first question is can I use the two ipods with iTunes?

Second I plugged in my new ipod to the itunes I already had installed with songs on and my problem is that in music folder for albums some of my albums have the correct amount of songs in and showing as one album but others depending on the amount of songs the album has say 15 I will get the album name 15 times with just one artist or song in it. somehow it has sync it all wrong because in the itunes library under music it is showing the songs in the albums corrrectly.

  andywolve 21:28 26 Dec 2009

yes you can have two or more ipods/iphones/touches to the iTunes. - I have.

I guess with the other problem, just go through your library and check that they all match (album wise) it has happened to me, and I did that, and it sorted it.

  loopyloo 21:36 26 Dec 2009

I have already been through all the incorrect albums which are showing wrong on the ipod but they are correct in the music itunes program correctly. It has gone wrong when syncing.

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