iTunes Great but volume low..!

  hawthorn59 03:05 01 Mar 2005

Thanks for all your help folks. I downloaded iTunes and really like it, easy to use etc.
HOWEVER, I find the volume a bit low. I played the same track in iTunes and Musicmatch and definitely Musicmatch was louder, and dare I say it, better quality(well sort of..bigger sound) That was with volume on both at halfway.

I find to get iTunes reasonably loud, I have to turn up not just its own volume but the volume in Windows volume control as well, then ALL the volumes (xp opening, alerts etc) are very loud. Is there anything I can do or is that just it!!?

Also what bearing, if any, would that have on cds I would burn?

  Diodorus Siculus 08:13 02 Mar 2005


  recap 09:10 02 Mar 2005

If a song plays louder than another, it may be that is has been converted to MP3 using different settings. You can adjust the volume of an individual song.

Click on a song, then choose 'Get Info' from the File Menu. Click the 'Option tab' then you can adjust the volume setting.

  hawthorn59 18:15 02 Mar 2005

No its not that one song plays louder than another, but the SAME song plays at different volumes on iTunes and Musicmatch. Its the same MP3 track.

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