Itunes duplication?

  collinsc 12:28 31 Mar 2012


I recently transferred all my itunes on to my new laptop, took ages but finally did it. Some songs though on first glance appear to be duplicated i.e. all same details but different 'date added' - because id made so many half-a$$ed attempts!

So, on first glance, obvious, duplicated, delete one from the itunes window... but, if you delete one and that line disappears then the other line with the details (original file not found) although still there is no longer able to find the tune to play!



  collinsc 13:37 31 Mar 2012


  mgmcc 18:30 31 Mar 2012

When you installed iTunes and signed in with your Apple ID, your existing files may have been retrieved automatically, so that transferring them manually would result in duplication.

  collinsc 18:32 31 Mar 2012

Thanks. well, im not convinced they are duplicated, why if i delete one from the itunes list will the other disappear? it is like you can view the song twice in i tunes but it is only installed on the laptop in one location?

  john bunyan 18:52 31 Mar 2012

What I would do is as follows: 1. If you use CCleaner, set it not to delete items from the recycle bin. 2> In iTunes, File / Show Duplicates. Then on a tune that is duplicated, tight click and press "Show in Windows Explorer". Do this a few times and you should find out what is happening. If you then delete a duplicate in error you can restore it from the recycle bin.

  collinsc 19:11 31 Mar 2012

Thanks John - i have just done this, they are showing in windows explorer only once... so, it looks like they are not duplicated but are being shown twice for some reason - i guess this is because the 'date added' are different, however i dont see why by removing one of the rows from itunes that would mean the file behind the other one would be removed -

nb; 'album by artist' is also different. 'album by artist' is a default column. i.e. a duplicate shows:

album by artist ARTIST Millenium Disk T REX T REX T REX

  john bunyan 20:16 31 Mar 2012


You can choose what columns you want to have by , in iTunes, Music,select: view ten tick or untick what you want. I have: Album,Artist,Genre,Last Played, Time, Rating. I have not ticked the Album Artist column option.I suspect somehow in your importing process these "duplicates" have appeared. A bit laborious but maybe go through , in the music mode, the duplicates and right clock to see if Windows explorer can find it, and delete those it cant.

  markd71 21:32 31 Mar 2012


  john bunyan 22:11 31 Mar 2012
  collinsc 11:22 01 Apr 2012

"right clock to see if Windows explorer can find it, and delete those it cant."

thanks john - that wont get rid of any duplicate rows though, it will just delete the rows with no tune behind it, and the duplicate rows will remain because it will find the same tune behind each row...

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