iTunes causing problems

  Kate B 17:09 09 Aug 2007

Latest version of iTunes locks up solid and won't quit, nor can I shut it down via Task Manager or kill the process. It also seems to affect Windows itself, which won't shut down and restart properly when iTunes is sulking in the background.

Nor will the uninstaller run. I have done a repair install on top of it which hasn't solved the problems; and I can't uninstall it in safe mode, either: I get an error message saying something about Windows Installer being messed up, which indeed it seems generally to be at the moment. No crud on my machine and I am now seriously contemplating a reinstall of the whole OS as something has clearly gone quite wrong somewhere. In short, iTunes is behaving like some particularly recalcitrant piece of malware.

Any suggestions before I go nuclear?

  Jimmy14 17:42 09 Aug 2007

I have installed and it works fine with my nano.

  SB23 17:44 09 Aug 2007

A neighbour asked me the other day about iTunes.

Her daughters boyfriend had installed it on the desktop, but since installing, the pc had been really slow, and showing symptoms like yours.
When I got there there were 3 task managers opened, and none would do anything, and nothing would shut down.
I did a forced shutdown, and uninstalled via its own uninstaller, all has been ok since, and the pc is back to its normal self.

I don't understand why its own uninstaller doesn't work.

  bremner 17:58 09 Aug 2007

My son had this with iTunes 7.1. I tried all sorts of ways to uninstall and none worked. It is an issue with the Windows Installer.

I finally solved it with this Windows Installer CleanUp Utility fix from MS click here;en-us;290301

  bremner 17:59 09 Aug 2007

Try the link again click here;en-us;290301

or http: //;en-us;290301 - remove the spaces each side of the //

  eedcam 18:19 09 Aug 2007

Do a fresh complete Itunes download install on top of the existing installation

  Kate B 18:30 09 Aug 2007

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll let you know how I get on. :)

  bremner 19:03 09 Aug 2007

FYI if KateB's problem is the same as mine then during an install you get a message saying cannot proceed due to an existing installation

  eedcam 22:25 09 Aug 2007

Ok then its possibly quicktime related ensure you have quicktime installed and working if no try to uninstall that .I fyouhave probs uninstalling that then install on top of that I had to do all this at the W/end and it worked .

  Kate B 23:17 09 Aug 2007

Thanks, folks, the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility seems to have done the trick.

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