iTunes - All songs on external drive

  Rabi 17:21 13 Mar 2009


I have approximately 10,000 songs on my extarnal hard disk. All in the format iTunes will play. I know this because I ripped my CD collection using iTunes but placed them all on my External Hard Drive. The PC I used is no longer with me, and I have a new PC and wish to install iTunes on this PC, and wish to be able to play these tracks from the external hard disk, but not to remove them from the hard disk. What do I do when I install iTunes on the new PC?? I know iTunes asks you a question about searching your hard disk(s) and whether you want to import or consolidate or something, I don't know what the correct answer should be...? So I have not installed yet.

Thank you all, fantastic

  john bunyan 17:39 13 Mar 2009

If you dont mind a copy of your tunes being also on the new PC hard drive, you can install iTunes on the new PC - You create an account and authorise the new PC (You ar "allowed" 5 PC's) If you want you can de authorise the old one.
Then you copy your tunes from the external disc into the new music library.A copy stays on the external drive. This way your external drive acts as a back up. You can have several libraries, but that is not what you asked. Not sure if this is what you want.

  Rabi 17:49 13 Mar 2009

Thank you John Bunyan,

No, I don't mind a copy of iTunes on the new PC; in fact, that is what I meant that I want to install iTunes; my worry is that all the music will be imported into the iTunes on the new PC.

What I wish is to have iTunes on the new PC, but to play the music through iTunes while keeping the music intact on the external drive (in this case Drive G:/)

Thank you

  alB 17:52 13 Mar 2009

Install iTunes, and then on the edit tab click preferences, on the next window click advanced and in the iTunes folder location box put the drive letter and location of your iTunes folder (external drive) and click OK, as john bunyan has intimated you may have to authorize the new PC, use the store tab and click authorize, I think that should do the trick ...alB

  john bunyan 18:01 13 Mar 2009

What I would do is : A Install iTunes on new PC. b) Authorise new Pc (click on "Store") - if you want, also de authorise old PC. I would create a nunber of folders on your external drive - say about 1000 on each (for safety) . c) Then got to i Tunes and click on "File" Then "add Folder to the Library" then tell it where the folder is - eg: g/music/folder1 (drive letter is that of your external hd . It should then import a copy of the tunes into the new iTunes library leaving a copy on the external drive. Do the same for all the folders.(You could import in one go but I think easier to do it in bits! )If you buy a downloaded tune from iTunes, remember to copy it in reverse to your external back up.

  Rabi 18:34 13 Mar 2009

Thanks, will try both suggestions right now, and post results

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