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  john bunyan 13:19 22 Feb 2011

I have 2 i Tunes libraries, and, somehow, 2 accounts paid by iTunes vouchers. i Store lets me download from either account. One is in my wife's name and the other in a grand daughter's. She shares a library with her sister. I have bought the second grand daughter a laptop, and as I understand you can have up to 5 PC's registered (I have 2 so far) I would like to have a new (3rd) account on the new machine, but also to copy the existing library to it so for a while she could update /synch on either PC. I cannot find how to to this (a third account). I think I am ok to copy the iTunes, following advice here and elsewhere.Any suggestions?

  gengiscant 13:46 22 Feb 2011

I assume your 2 itunes accounts are under different email address's so it would be no problem setting up a new account under a different email address. Then copy all the files from the original PC itunes folder to the laptop itunes folder.

I hope thats what you meant.

  john bunyan 14:40 22 Feb 2011

Yes, but I can switch between accounts depending on whose iTunes voucher is to be redeemed? If I set a new e mail adress on the new PC and copy the files and library info etc, I hope I can then switch between the 3 accounts. I will then have 3 out of the "allowed" 5 PC's in use. I will try it soon.

  bremner 15:12 22 Feb 2011

Purchases made through an iTunes account can be accessed on up to 5 computers.

A library may consist of music ripped from Cd's, music/movies purchased from iTunes, home vidoes, ringtones etc etc.

A single iTunes Library could have purchases from 1, 2, 10, 20 or 1000 accounts.

Create the third account on the new machine, copy the contents of the existing library to the new machine. Play a song purchased from each of the existing accounts and put in the necessary usernames and passwords to authorise usage on the computer.

  john bunyan 16:06 22 Feb 2011

Thanks, I will do that. These things are a bit obscure in the reading and although I am reasonably "iTunes" savvy, this bit eluded me.

  john bunyan 19:24 24 Feb 2011

Seems to be working. However I update the i Tunes regularly on the programme itself but as the iTunes working folder is on a different partition, I suspect my original iTunes folder is different to the latest that installs to a User account- no "Media Folder" of which Music is a sub folder. In mine Music is a primary folder in iTunes. Any views on how to update that part without disturbing things?

  bremner 20:23 24 Feb 2011

What do you mean by "update"?

iTunes really consists of three parts.

1. the program which has regular updates from Apple - The user has no control over this.
2. The Library which sits in the Users iTunes folder.

3. The iTunes Media Folders containing the music.
these can be anywhere, but by default it is also in the Users iTunes folder however in Options > Advanced you can change this.

If you are ripping CD's these will be added to the iTunes Media Folder. You should also ensure that in Advanced there is a tick in "Copy files to Media Folder"

  john bunyan 10:52 25 Feb 2011

What I mean by update is that whenever there is an iTunes update, I impliment it. I am quite happy with ripping and settings re copying to iTunes folder - I let this happen for music but not for the shrunk DVD's for my grand daughter's iPod. The problem is that my iTunes Folder in my data partition has different folders to the latest ones.They are: Album Artwork, iPod Games, iTunes Music, Mobile Applications,Previous iTunes Libraries. On a new download on another PC the folder tree included Media Folder. I would like to get the original PC in line with the latest iTunes Folders short of a big re install.Shoul I create a "Media" folder, and if so which of the above should i put in it?

  john bunyan 10:55 25 Feb 2011

PS I did change the location as I have two lots of i Tunes folders and different libraries - one for my wife and I and the other for our grand children. They are in F:/My Documents/My Music/iTunes, and the same but Oma and Opa's iTunes.

  bremner 17:34 25 Feb 2011

It is not a question of a big renstall, I would guess that the PC that does not have the Folder called iTunes Media does not have the latest version of iTunes.

The folder structure was changed in v10 I think

  john bunyan 17:56 25 Feb 2011

I have the latest v, but I suspect that as my i Tunes folders are elsewhere, it updates the actual programme in the programmes folder but not the i Tunes music etc folders. Iy ain't broke, but I would like to fix it if I can. Maybe copy the i Tunes folders to a USB HD, Reinstall - see what folders come in (to the users folder, which I do not want), move the itunes folder to my data partition tnen copy the music etc back to the approriate places?

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