penholder 21:09 13 Feb 2008

Have downloaded and installed iTunes and quickTime. When I try to use the software I get the following message "The folder itunes cannot be found or created and is required. The default location for this folder is inside "My Music" folder." the folder is not there.
How can I resolve this problem so that PC recognises the ipod.

  tobyb121 20:41 14 Feb 2008

Start itunes and go Edit>Preferences>Advanced Check that the folder says something like C:\~\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music make sure the box below that says keep my itunes music folder orgainzed is checked and click Reset on the right. If this doesn't solve th problem delete any folder in My Music called itunes, backing up any music inside it first then creating a folder in My Music called iTunes then a subdirectory called iTunes Music, and follow the steps above except instead of clicking reset click change and point to this new folder you have jsut made this should solve the problem.

  penholder 21:18 14 Feb 2008

Thanks tobyb121. Cant't do as you advise because as soon as I open Itunes programme the message in my original e-mail pops up. I think its a software installation problem but at no time during installation do i get an error message. Have uninstalled and re-installed. Also closed Spybot whilst installing.

  tobyb121 21:30 28 Feb 2008

Sorry that this is late in replying, but it ay be that you have pieces from an old installation floating around on your computer, in you music folder you might have two files called "iTunes Library.itl" and "iTunes Music Library.xml" try deleteing these as they are what itunes reads when it opens up your library, however if this doesn't work then it may be in the registry, this is slightly beyond me, but you may find it can be solved with a registry cleaner.

  penholder 20:43 29 Feb 2008

Thanks for your help. My daughter has now been able to download info on her computer. Will try your latest suggestion just satisfy myself but if it doesn't work it does not matter.

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