Macaonasa 16:01 22 Jun 2004

Is there any way to download and install iTunes without installing Quicktime?

  Kate B 18:16 22 Jun 2004

I don't think so ...

  anon1 18:24 22 Jun 2004

itunes is owned by apple and I guess that means quicktime or no itunes. What you got against quicktime anyway?

  bremner 18:28 22 Jun 2004

It is simple to uninstall Quicktime from Add/Remove afterwards.

IMHO iTunes is much better than WMP and having to have Quicktime as well (which many Games requires) is a small price.

  Macaonasa 21:29 22 Jun 2004

Quicktime has a bad name among many of the PC fraternity, so much so that stripped-down versions are available.

  anon1 11:51 23 Jun 2004

I have never heard it given a bad name and I have been on the internet for 10 years plus and on a pc for about 15 years. Even microsoft comes under fire now and then but still people use it.

  dth 12:15 23 Jun 2004

can't put my finger on it - but there is
something I just don't like about QuickTime

I also have been an internet user for over 10 years and have never heard a bad thing against Quick Time,often against Real player and Media Player. I have used Quick Time for over 5 years ,with no problems. I have also asked a few friends and they also have never heard of this complaint. Where did the complaint come from?

  zinnie 15:24 23 Jun 2004

Macaonasa....don't worry about having Quicktime,as Bremner says it's worth having.
Just download's great. By the way I have WMp, Realplayer and Musicmatch as well. They are all worth having.

  Macaonasa 17:12 23 Jun 2004

Then why are people going to the point of compiling the stripped-down version?

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