its my first time =/

  Jynx1991 15:00 19 Jul 2007

Im wanting to build my own desktop PC... yep from scratch, only problem is its my first time, im a PC building virgin so to speak.
And i was wondering what things i should Learn and do research into before attempting such a huge task? also what tips and advice, those of you who have built a pc before would give me.

BTW ... ive got an old pc to play around with and see how it all goes together, i figured the best way to learn is by doing.

  Diemmess 15:23 19 Jul 2007

Points to ponder

The market has become so cut-throat that buying ready made is significantly cheaper than buying the same components separately and assembling them yourself.

Basic principles (after browsing the web for DIY methods)

1.) Decide what you will be using the computer for.

2.) Then decide on which specification is capable of serving your purpose.
Ideally allow for a possibility of "upgrading".
There is no such thing as future proof.

  crosstrainer 15:39 19 Jul 2007

Might be of use to you, it's written in simple terms, but I must tend to agree with Diemmess on this, If you are hoping to save money by building your own, the truth is you won't. If you are doing it for the learning and satisfaction then carry on...It'click here how we all learned!

  crosstrainer 15:40 19 Jul 2007

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  yaesu 15:43 19 Jul 2007

Again don't want to pour cold water etc. but have a look on the dell site (or others, of course), then price up all the bits and pieces. I tried this and you just can't compete. If you want to do it as a learning process then good luck! Yaesu

  crosstrainer 15:50 19 Jul 2007

A money thing, then it's good to do, but because an oem (original equipment manufacturer) can for example by 10 motherboards, 15 graphics cards 40 HDD's etc. (and I'm only talking about a small oem like I am) You can't get the kind of discount on the parts that they can.

The likes of Dell Acer et al buy tens of thousands of bits in one go so they get big discounts!

  crosstrainer 15:51 19 Jul 2007

Sorry Buy not by!

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