It's the M/B or CPU isn't it?

  Schopenhauer 09:15 07 Nov 2009

Problem is, my PC which had worked happily for many years suddenly switched off as soon as it was switched on. Fans spun momentarily, then nothing. First response was to replace the PSU. Now when I switch on it stays on, fans run, HD light comes on but does not flicker as it would if it was working. Apart from that nothing happens, no signal is reaching the Monitor. Changing the HD makes no difference.

Really all I am seeking is confirmation from an independent party that my diagnosis that my M/B CPU combination has at last had its chips is correct. Right?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:07 07 Nov 2009

Check all all connections to motherboard (you may have missed one) especially the 4 pin next to cpu if you have an Intel cpu.

  Schopenhauer 10:59 07 Nov 2009

No, I have a Duron 850 and the board is a A10LMR made by Eagletec although I believe it was some sort of generic board made by several manufacturers. It's ever so old.

  Quiller. 11:09 07 Nov 2009

Take out the power and IDE cables from the hard drive and any cdrom drives you have.

Just leave one stick of ram in the computer, if you have more.

Take out any PCI cards, white slots.

If you use a graphics card and the computer has onboard graphics. Take out the card and plug the monitor cable into the onboard graphics.

Unplug all connections on the rear of the machine. i.e. keyboard mouse and usb.

start up and see if the computer POST's. i.e. first page.

  Quiller. 11:10 07 Nov 2009

Power for the floppy drive, if you have one.

  Schopenhauer 17:20 07 Nov 2009

Dick, thanks very much. I did as you said and got the Post screen. I then refitted everything one at a time, switching on and off each time and the problem turned out to be an Ethernet card. All OK now, money saved and so much for my diagnostic abilities! Thanks again.

  Quiller. 20:30 07 Nov 2009


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