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  Sapins 10:52 30 Jul 2005

I must start by saying if you have gotten this far, connected to the internet and reading the posts, you have already passed the absolute beginners stage, even if, like me, someone helped you set things up.

I have just been reminded what it is like to be a complete beginner, I have been helping a friend with his first computer, a Laptop, and I had forgotten just how daunting it can be when you first switch it on and you don't understand the terms being used and how frightened you are of making mistakes.

I have been a member of this forum for a while now and the help I have received has proved invaluable.

If I can offer a few words of advice.

If you are reading this (of course you are!) and are still wary of posting a question, remember, nobody knows who you are so you can ask any question you like about technology and not feel foolish, and you'll be surprised how many of your questions are not as daft as you thought. If you are not confident about following any advice given just say so and someone will explain it a bit clearer.

A couple of things to remember, don't type in Capital letters as this is considered shouting and always try to be polite, don't worry about Grammar and Spelling too much, your question/comment is more important, but, if you would like to check your spelling before posting click on the Blue "click here" at the end of this post and you can install a spell checker, just click on Download at the left hand side of the screen that opens to begin. You will have an abc icon, with a tick below it, at the top of screen, you just left click on the icon and your post will be checked.

So, come on in and enjoy your computer more than ever.



click here

  mattyc_92 11:02 30 Jul 2005

Well said.

  dan11 12:02 30 Jul 2005

Good words of advice.

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  Ancient Learner 21:09 30 Jul 2005

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  mec13 08:53 31 Jul 2005

Thanks Sapins for your link to the 'spell checker', but a word of advice from one beginner (me) to any other beginner who downloads it.

I downloaded 'spell checker' but couldn't see it anywhere, then I realised my toolbar has a few more icons which are not shown, right clicking on the tool bar, onto 'customise' and there it was in a little window. Highlight the 'spell checker' clicked on the 'move up' button until it appeared on my screen.

Sometimes us 'beginners' need another 'beginner' to help each other, we talk the same language, if you know what I mean.

All you wonderful 'Techies' keep those 'click here' links coming, I seem to spend more time reading them now, than reading other post/threads(I wont go down that road again)

  Sapins 09:17 31 Jul 2005

Glad you found spell checker OK. All you need to do to get it on the toolbar is re-start Internet Explorer.

  mec13 13:00 31 Jul 2005

I did Sapin, but it still wasn't there! Too many other icons where in its way, so I just had to move it up the queue a bit.

Thanks anyway.

  mec13 13:13 31 Jul 2005

err just to add Sapin, I still have text under my icons in the tool bar, I need reminding what they do!

  Sapins 13:46 31 Jul 2005

Usually if you hover the mouse pointer over an icon it will tell you what it is, what "text" do you mean?

  mec13 19:43 31 Jul 2005

in the 'customise toolbar' the drop down menu give's a choice of 3:

show text labels,

show selective text on right,

no text labels.

I didn't know that hovering my mouse over a toolbar icon told me what it did. Thats why I have text labels under my toolbar icons now. But! if what you say is true, then I'll give it a try. Thanks.

  p;3 19:33 15 Nov 2005

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