Its driving me crackers

  golfpro 15:33 15 Oct 2007

I've got 1000 Euros burning a hole in my pocket (this is max for me), for a new laptop. But where I live I tend to be restricted to either Acer, HP or Fujisu and the odd Asus. I don't play games or anything and just want it as a back up to my main PC and for something to take away when I'm out of the country (quite often). The main criteria is it has to be robust and good when viewed in the daylight (screen that is). I would also like to hook it up (Wi-Fi) with my PC and use it for the internet when I'm away.
I have my eye on an HP Pavilion DV6595 Eg, which meets my price spec, but it does not have WLAN or LAN Integrated is this a problem?

  Quiller. 16:05 15 Oct 2007

I don't know were your'e getting your specifications from but the DV6595 Eg comes with wlan and a lan port. click here

it lookls like a good machine.;)

At the mo, I'm surfing with a HP laptop in glorious sunshire in the garden:)))

  Quiller. 16:06 15 Oct 2007

It looks like spell checker doesn't work in the garden:)

  mad1234 16:06 15 Oct 2007

click here
according to this it has wireless & bluetooth

  golfpro 17:17 15 Oct 2007

I think I believe you, must ask at the shop tomorrow. I got my info from here (its the shop by the way), but I always like to check here first, as the guys at the shop will tell you anything just to make a sale.

Produkt-Detailinfo Wir empfehlen zusätzlich Vergleichen Sie mit ähnlichen Produkten Wissenwertes zu diesem Produkt

Alle Produkteigenschaften:

J Prozessortyp: Intel Core Duo 2
J Prozessor-Taktfrequenz: 1,8 GHz
J Festplattenkapazität: 160 GB
J Arbeitsspeicher: 2048 MB DDR-2-RAM
J Bildschirmgröße: 15,4 Zoll
J Bildschirmauflösung: 1280 x 800
J Grafik: nVidia GeForce 8400M GS mit max. 895 MB
J optisches Laufwerk: DVD-Multiformat Brenner
J inkl. Betriebssystem: Windows Vista Home Premium
J USB Anschlüsse: 3x 2.0
J weitere Anschl.: Bluetooth, Firewire, HDMI, TV-Out
J inkl. Software: umfangreiches Softwarepaket
N Gewicht (inkl. Akku)
J X-Black Display
N limited Edition
J LightScribe
J Fingerprint-Sensor

N Full-HD Auflösung
N 16:10 Bildschirm
J integrierte Webcam
N integriertes Breitbandmodem
N 5.1 Soundkarte
N TV-Karte
N SAT-Karte
N DVI-Ausgang
N DVBT-Receiver
N HDMI-Ausgang
N Vista Leistungsindex
N integriertes LAN
N integriertes WLAN
N integriertes LAN und WLAN
N inkl. Antivirussoftware
N Blu-Ray Laufwerk
N HD-DVD Laufwerk

The N's stand for NO and the J's for yes. Or it could be that the N's are for "Not available" info that is.

  lotvic 22:59 15 Oct 2007

Is that German? will Vista be the German version?

  golfpro 07:07 16 Oct 2007

Yes it is, as I live in Austria its the only version that is pre-installed in the laptops here now. The XP that I have on my PC is also in German.

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