its been a long day

  garybaldy 16:17 02 Jan 2003
  garybaldy 16:17 02 Jan 2003

i am currently try to delete a user from my account but with no success.What am i doing wrong ,please help i am also trying to install the cover disk on the latest issue of pc adviser (made safe) but i am being prompted to enter a cd key what does this mean and where would i find it .Thanx in advance.

  Border View 16:29 02 Jan 2003

Dont know about the first part of your question. But the cd key you will find on the reverse of the cd cover or failing that within PCA magazine where it mentions the cover disc.

Take it cool man.

  Diemmess 16:35 02 Jan 2003

User, - Account, - to me this means you wish to dump a screen name from your account?

I have only ever satisfactorily used Aol. . . . There it is simple to list the user screen names and delete any or all if you wish, with the exception of the original screen name (a/c name)
If I want to dump that one I have to terminate the a/c and let that name die in limbo somewhere

  « Ravin » 16:36 02 Jan 2003

it would help if you tell us which o/s you use?

  Djohn 16:54 02 Jan 2003

click here This may help with background information to the problem garybaldy is having.

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