iTraffic Monitor set-up Information required

  spuds 10:58 06 Mar 2011

I have recently installed iTraffic Monitor, so that I can monitor the 'traffic' results on my broadband line. But while the graph is showing on screen, there is no actual 'traffic' results appearing, so it would seem to be a set-up problem.

I have tried to look for a solution, but so far failed.

Do you use iTraffic Monitor or a similar program?.

I would like to monitor the broadband, so as to see if the ISP results are compatible to my own checks. At the time iTraffic seemed to be a good program that might have ticked all the boxes, and probably still is, if set-up correctly?.

  spuds 09:52 07 Mar 2011

Anyone using this program, or can offer any advice, as it would be very much appreciated.

Tried to get in touch with the product supplier, now waiting for a response.

  961 10:27 07 Mar 2011

You may like to try Router Stats Lite which will give you an on screen graph of your Signal Noise Margin and your connection speed

click here

Not sure if this applies to you
click here

  spuds 10:41 07 Mar 2011

Thanks for that, just had a quick look, and I will look further into them shortly.

The second link is interesting, this was never mentioned by the Talk Talk engineer, when he set the new router up.

You might want to look at iTraffic Monitor, it seems a good program. Your comments would be very much appreciated, and perhaps comparing to Router Stats Lite?.

Reference to my other posts, the saga continues. I had contact with Talk Talk last Friday about some incorrect information they have supplied. Still waiting for a response back :O(

  961 11:42 07 Mar 2011

iTraffic Monitor

Sorry, I found it totally incomprehensible and, like you, could only get an on screen graph which told me...err....zilch

  Woolwell 12:40 07 Mar 2011

Out of interest I downloaded it and had a play. Most of the information doesn't seem helpful. If you right click on the graph you will find a number of options. Start stop watch starts the left hand side running and other options gave me a graph. However I didn't find it useful!

  spuds 19:52 07 Mar 2011

I tried the Huawei router update from the Huawei website, and the Talk Talk members website, plus the special Talk Talk-labs update.

None would install due to : Unable to connect to router, your routers configuration does not appear to be a standard Talk Talk configuration and therefore the fix cannot proceed.

The mystery deepens.

I will now check out the Lite program, and see what that I can do with that.

I managed in a fashion to get the iTraffic download/program responding. So far it doesn't seem to do as it states?.

  spuds 19:56 07 Mar 2011

I have to now agree.

If you uninstall the program, you may find that it leaves bits behind, which may require further manual uninstalling.

  rdave13 21:19 07 Mar 2011

I use Thinkbroadband usage meter. Worth having a look; click here

  961 09:14 08 Mar 2011

Throughout this saga there have been a variety of folk who have come, looked, fiddled and gone away expressing puzzlement

Here we have a router which claims to be getting a line speed of 7Mbps but only actually gets downloads of 3Mbps max. Now we find that it's not set, for some reason or other, to standard Talk Talk settings

Two ways forward

I believe you have other routers. Download the standard settings for talk talk and try one.

Or get talk talk to send you another router with a list of standard settings. Preferably a different make

  spuds 19:20 08 Mar 2011

I think that I am now at the stage of giving up completely with this :O((.

Haven't had any telephone communications from Talk Talk since my call last Friday morning, regarding the incorrect email information that they had sent me.

Just received a response letter from a letter of complaint that I sent over 2 weeks ago. Plenty of sincere apologies, which doesn't seem to address or answer the actual questions that I put into the complaint letter. Apparently they have now escalated the complaint to 'second line support technicians'.

These were possibly the very same technicians who were trying to sort out the problems last week?.

961-- According to the Talk Talk engineer who made a visit and replaced my old Tiscali Seimens router for the brand new Huawei EchoLife HG520b, the Huawei was the 'best' Talk Talk offered. But I will keep your suggestion in mind.

Thanks everyone for your input, all very much appreciated.

Will now tick this as resolved.

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