Item sent out 'clean' arrives - 'Infected'

  jack 08:27 10 Dec 2009

This is the time of year when folk start send each other those animated Christmas cards, or little movies.
A contact must have had a clear out and he sent me[and others] a whole stack of them.
Most have been deleted one or two retained for onward transmission.
These have been 'cleared' by my A/V protection as clean.
One however when sent, one is declared infected by recipients- I wonder/why?
Is it because differing A/V's set differing parameters or it pick up something on route?

  Graphicool1 14:10 10 Dec 2009

If I were you I'd check with this 'contact' and find out if he/she really did send them out!?

Even so, if you receive any more e-cards, and are uncertain as to the senders credentials. You and everyone else, should get into the habit of never clicking on links contained within e-card notification email's. Instead, go directly to the website of the card company, find the card pick-up page within that site and enter the ID code included in the email you were sent. (If the message is a fake, the worst that will happen is that you won't get a card)

  wee eddie 14:20 10 Dec 2009

become something of a problem around the Festive Season. You never know what the payload is.

I no longer open them any longer, after receiving one several years ago that appeared to come from a Bona-fide Card Company, that contained a virus.

  jack 11:14 11 Dec 2009

of ther import of what you say - and hopefully other reading this post will take note.
However item concerbed was not a card but a small WMV file and is well known- An Advert for Avian water depicting chubby babies in nappies doing trick on Roller skates.[How did they do that?]

  wee eddie 13:29 11 Dec 2009

on the Settings of the Receiver's Anti Virus.

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