Is it worth upgrade to 2000pro

  richierich 18:09 26 Apr 2003

I do a lot of image editing and other stuff. Currently running windows 98 se hardly a day goes by when it doesnt crash, just have to reboot and away I go.
My system is alright otherwise , Athlon 1700 384Mb Ram and 2 big hard disks. Ive been told win 2000 is more stable, is it worth me upgrading. Ive seen win2000 pro OEM editions for £95 ex vat. I am happy to pay if this will be more stable, any comment s please.

  duplo 18:20 26 Apr 2003

Win 2000 is very stable, and if it crashes in can normally recover with out a reboot...

First thing I would try is do a clean install with win 98 and see if it more stable... sometimes a year of junk can cause problems.

But I would recoment win 2000, which I find is very stable. It should run OK with 384Mb RAM, but it likes lots of ram, and since you do image editing it might be worth while pushing it to 512+. Try it with 384, if its a tad slow, add another 128!

  wint 20:29 26 Apr 2003

I have used 98, (NT4), 2000 and XP.

2000 is definitely much more stable than 98. It is as stable as NT4 which in my experience (at work) is fairly rock solid. 2000 does take a very long time to boot up though. My wife started complaining when it took 5 minutes! The more applications you have on it the longer it takes.

Apart from some glitches (strange messages on close down) I am much happier with Windows XP home.

Knowing what I do now though, I would have paid the extra and gone for XP Pro, it has extras like backup built in. I know you are supposed to be able to install and run this in XP home but, although I have it installed, it will run manual B/ups but simply won't run automated back ups.

For about the same price as 2000, you could get XP Pro which should be just as stable as 2000 but a bit more modern and possibly better supported with new programmes.

Sorry this is a bit long but hey....

  richierich 23:48 26 Apr 2003

thanks guys, I will probably give 2000 pro a whirl

  zanwalk 00:06 27 Apr 2003

Yes, it's a very stable OS, and a big improvement over W98.

  richierich 00:17 27 Apr 2003

Thanks again, Ive just ordered win2000pro

  Gosford 00:20 27 Apr 2003

If you are going to go to the trouble and expense of upgrading to Win2K, you might as well just get XP, it is based on the same sort of technology and you might not suffer the compatability problems that you can get with Win2k.

  woody 12:34 27 Apr 2003

I have W2K and W XP PRO .I prefer W2Kpro but if i was to buy one of them it would have to be WXPPRO.Why buy old OS for the same as up t date OS? You could get a free wxppro from MS to try for a few mths to see if all your hardware works with the OS.

Your problem (as someone else stated) may be old remnants of programs .Back up all the data and do a format then a clean install .If you are not sure what the above means please ask before you format.

My w98 is old and does not crash - but i format/reload at approx 6mths.

  richierich 18:06 27 Apr 2003

I have done an often reformatted and done clean installs but I suspect as I run many programmes and devices I soon get conflicts.
I have decided to go for win2000pro as i can get it much cheaper than XP,also Ive had experience of using it for somthing else, also Im not saying i would do it cos its illegal but there may be occasion to run it on a couple of other machines,ithout product activation nonsense. perish the thought.
Is it best to just refromat and reinstall everyhting or can I just upgrade (is it as good to do that)

  mrdsgs 18:11 27 Apr 2003

expect to pay between £75 and £90 for a full/new/legal and licensed W2000 pro from a computer fair. No VAT!

Retail, nearer to £150.

  richierich 18:16 27 Apr 2003

Im paying £95 ex VAT (i claim vat back anyway) from
Is it nessecery or better to reformat and install or can i update win98 with win2000pro

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