is it worth buying vista ?

  chippy+ 16:59 19 Oct 2007

Hi for all those who have xp and having no bother is it worth getting vista untill it has got rid of the bugs or would it be better holding off for the new windows 7 in 2010 ? it seems by the time vista has all it's fixes it's going to be running when windows 7 comes out then what Chippy

  Technotiger 17:23 19 Oct 2007

Personally I am staying with XP. I don't care for Vista at all, though I have installed it on a friends PC. I don't see any point in hanging-on for Win7 though, 'cos certainly at this stage there is no telling whether it is actually gonna be any better than Vista is at the moment.

  lotvic 17:47 19 Oct 2007

I'm sticking with XP Pro. It does all I need and want.

  [email protected] 17:59 19 Oct 2007

im back with xp, couldnt find anything i could do on vista i cannot do with xp, and now i have a powerful unchoked pc again. dx 10 is way down the line, and every 'vista only' game works 10 times better with xp. it's self healing undoes all your tweeks and it nags the hell out of you. i had it since feb and do not want to see it till it's much improved.

  Peants68 18:19 19 Oct 2007


When XP came out I had to upgrade from P3 850MB machine to my present self built one, in order to get XP to work effectively. The drivers for various bits of software wouldn't work and I had to buy new eg. Photoshop elements. The Adobe Photo manipulation package prior to that would not function on XP.

Various pieces of hardware eg HP Photo printer required a patch. Lexmark 65 will not operate.

We have the same scenario now between XP and Vista. Certain software and hardware will require upgrading as well and it is the frustration of finding something will not work and then downloading patches that puts owners off a new OS.

Despite MS Upgrade Advisor telling you your machine is Vista Capable you should carefully weigh up the pros and cons before changeing. I originally upgraded from Win.98 to XP Home and had so many problems that I purchased it off the shelf for a new install at extra expense onto a new hard drive. My advice is don't upgrade - buy OEM with a hard disk or a full off the shelf version (onto a clean disk).

Having seen Vista in operation I think it is slower than XP. Any 64MB graphics card is not man enough to run Aero and needs replacement with one of 256MB or higher. You'll probably need 2GB of RAM let alone a decent processor.

Logitech and Nvidia products require patches.

Taking to account Windows 7 will be out in three years it is a difficult choice to spend money on XP knowing how soon it will be replaced.

To me Vista just looks prettier but doesn't give the home user much of an advantage. Meybe it's comes down to keeping up with the technology.

Best of luck with your choice!

  SB23 18:40 19 Oct 2007

Personally, I think no.
I'm sticking with XP.

  woodchip 18:51 19 Oct 2007

If you put Vista on I hope your Software and Hardware will run with it!!! but I don't think so

  Andsome 19:00 19 Oct 2007

Most of the problems appear to be with upgrades. IF IT AIN'T BROKE DON'T FIX IT. Why not wait until you get a Vista dedicated computer? Why do people rush headlong into updating everything? No problem with security updates etc, but if hardware and software are running OK, LEAVE IT ALONE.

  jh1885 20:58 19 Oct 2007


  Jimmy14 21:04 19 Oct 2007


  mammak 21:14 19 Oct 2007


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