Is it Vista, Symantec or Me ?

  Cobber 17:09 23 Jul 2007

Having updated to Vista and found that NSW was not for Vista I contacted Symantec and upon their advice loaded Norton 306.
306 slowed down my system so much I did an uninstall but then had to do a reformat/Vista reload to get rid of all the Norton leftover files that Vista uninstall did not remove.

I realise there are other (and maybe better) AV programs but I like Norton Password Manager. does not work with Vista!
I am told by Symantec that their Norton Confidential program will detect Norton Password Manager data and take over the job - but if Password Manager cannot be loaded onto Vista I wonder how it does this?

I have many passwords in NPM (using XP) some of which I have saved elsewhere but it is not possible to get the remainder out of NPM to enable transfer to another, Vista compatible, password manager program.

Is that Symantec are not up to speed with Vista, me not seeing the wood for the trees or what?

Any thoughts or advice appreciated

  skidzy 17:14 23 Jul 2007

As many will say including me....ditch the Norton,but do use the correct removal tool click here

This maybe handy for you click here

For some alternative advice on your computer security and general housekeeping click here

  Cobber 17:23 23 Jul 2007

Thanks,I agree but I would rather like to use the passwords I have stored in NPW...

  Cobber 20:27 26 Jul 2007

Thanks folks.
Clearly there will be no other input to this.
As a matter of interest the Norton removel tools do not remove all of Norton - they leave sneaky bits on. Be warned.
I, for one, will never touch Norton again.

Thanks for input

  skidzy 20:32 26 Jul 2007

i think you find most who have used the removal tool also uses Vista's search facility and ccleaner or similar to remove the obsolete registry entries.

You can also use Regedit if you are confident enough,however backup the registry first !

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