Is it a Virus

  argon 12:56 22 Feb 2003

My friends computer locks up when ever a particular e-mail is highlighted and therefore it cannot be deleted.
Pressing Ctrl + alt + delete does not bring up the normal box to enable him to end task though a second entering does re start computer.
His Free version of AVG does not show virus present.
Can any one say how to delete this e-mail!1

  woodchip 13:00 22 Feb 2003

If he is win98 Run SFC from the Start/Run Put the win98 disc in the comp before running

  Gongoozler 13:02 22 Feb 2003

argon, is Preview enabled? If it is, disable it. (View - Layout, and untick the box for "Show preview pane".

  Gongoozler 09:27 26 Feb 2003

Thanks for response.
Preview is not displayed have run SFC for him and AV check but it all still freezes when we attempt to delete or open.Guess he will have to live with it permanently in his inbox!!

  Gongoozler 09:28 26 Feb 2003

Hi Eric. My apologies for taking so long in coming up with a reply to your
problem, but I think I have finally found the answer!

First create a new folder, and drag and drop all your important e-mails to
it, leaving some unimportant ones behind - including the troublesome one.
(Click on Local Files to highlight it, then on File - New - Folder, and give
the folder any name you want). Then click on Inbox. Click on any e-mail in
your Inbox except the one giving the problem. Click Ctrl + A to select all
the e-mails. press the Delete key on your keyboard. Hopefully all the
e-mails in your Inbox will then be deleted. You can then drag and drop any
of the e-mails from your new folder back to the Inbox.

I hope this works for you. I'll post this into your thread in the hope that
it will help anyone else with a similar problem. Will you post back to the
thread via the "Add a new response" box to let us know if it worked.

  -pops- 09:29 26 Feb 2003

Have you tried RIGHT clicking the email header and deleting from there?


  TECHNODIMWIT 09:30 26 Feb 2003

have you tried deleting in safe mode.

sometimes does the trick


  Gongoozler 09:35 26 Feb 2003

The source of my knowledge on this one was this site click here. Apparently a flaw in Outlook (OE?) as well as Eudora, and Messenger causes problems just by clicking on a message if it has an attachment with an extremely long filename.

  argon 19:35 26 Feb 2003

Thank you gongoozler it worked.
Thanks to all of you for your help

  argon 19:43 26 Feb 2003

Cheers Gongoozler

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