Is it true about vista system restore

  jade25 15:31 12 Jul 2007

Have just been told that system restore in vista is only in the more expensive ones, busines and ultimate, wish l had known as would have got the next one from premium,

  Totally-braindead 15:32 12 Jul 2007


  I am Spartacus 15:37 12 Jul 2007

I think it's the backup package that's only in Business and Ultimate

  Demora 15:46 12 Jul 2007

Nope Backup is in 'Home Premium' too

  crosstrainer 15:54 12 Jul 2007

You may rest assured that home premium contains the restore capability.....I'd get rid of your advisor! :)

  Coff 16:07 12 Jul 2007

System restore is in all versions of Vista. Whoever told you this must have been referring to the Windows Complete PC Backup and Restore. I am Spartacus is right.

"Windows Vista Business, Ultimate, and Enterprise come with a more advanced backup and restore utility called Windows Complete PC Backup and Restore. This program allows you to create an entire backup of your computer that can be used to restore your computer in the case of system-wide failure. Unlike the standard backup and restore feature that comes with all the versions of Windows Vista, Windows Complete PC Backup and Restore allows you to not only restore your data but also the complete operating system and other critical system files."

Source click here

  ventanas 16:09 12 Jul 2007

System Restore is available in all versions and retains all restore points for 136 years (I'm not joking) This time span can be changed in the registry.

Back up is also included in all versions, but with different features according to the version you have. The full version of backup, as installed with Ultimate, includes a facility similar to TrueImage or Ghost. This is not available with the home versions.

  jade25 16:52 12 Jul 2007

Just asked were it came from and was told microsoft, have just read it after l put in a search for vista and system restore, wish l could put a link in for you but just changing my email provider.
But l have just read it from microsoft as was hoping they were wrong. Have just tried it and l get to the last screen and anything that should be in the middle is blank and l left it for a bit and it was still there 24 minutes later and nothing had moved.
Backing up files it said in this article was ok in basic and premium. Have a seach as l want it as usd it a bit on xp

  Pamy 17:01 12 Jul 2007
  Pamy 17:05 12 Jul 2007
  jade25 17:14 12 Jul 2007

We meet again, should have got another xp but at the moment can't get a link but am going to copy the url from microsoft that l read it in, also it does not work in my pc, is system restore getting mixed up with restore for a back up of the pc,

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