is it too hot

  thebigman1 19:15 05 Mar 2009

hi guys, technophobe here, i know how to use a pc but nowt else, after about an hour my pc is very slow at changing pages and sometimes it just freezes, fan is running but it never runs fast, it used to, could it be that which is the problem? thanks

  Pineman100 19:28 05 Mar 2009

Overheating is certainly a possibility.

If you feel confident doing so, open up the casing and take a look inside. Is it clogged up with dust? If so, clean it out (gently!) with a can of compressed air (but don't allow the fan blades to be spun by the air jet - this can cause damage. Hold them still with a thin stick).

While you're in there, check that all the fans are definitely working. You may have fans on the PSU, the CPU and the graphics card (if you have one).

  thebigman1 19:35 05 Mar 2009

cheers mate will do that, where do you get can of compressed air?

  Stuartli 19:40 05 Mar 2009

I use a soft paint brush to clean dust off fan blades (case fans can easily be temporarily removed), and then blow the dust out myself onto the desk area for subsequent disposal.

The bottom of the case etc can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth to pick up the dust.

Leave the system connected to the mains, but switch off the PSU's on-off switch so the system remains earthed.

  Diemmess 19:41 05 Mar 2009

Heat or overheating can be the cause of your concern.

Most PC's insides are like a vac's dustbag after quite a short time.

If you really don't know how to open and give the PC a good clean, why not browse the net for a description on doing this? There are many helpful sites ou there.

In my opinion the various fans and attendant heat-sinks where fitted, are the most important and worth a very thorough clean.
The motherboard and things that plug into it are not much influenced by a 'cosy' of fluff and dust.

Fan cleaning is an art, but care and patience are the things most needed.

Whether you blow or suck is argued by different people. I belong to those who hold a vacuum nozzle close by and tickle up the grunge with a soft brush.

  Stuartli 19:43 05 Mar 2009

Also make sure that there is a good circulation of cooler air around the system case, which is not always easy if you have central heating.

Central heating also means that the fans are already using warmed air when trying to keep the CPU, graphics card and case temperature down.

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