is it save

  helpingf 14:45 30 Dec 2008

my computer i gone all funny the writing is small and there's no soundi wounder is i save to reboot nd reinstall i have never dne it before but scaed to try is it et go to computer sop and get it sorted

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:53 30 Dec 2008

Start - Programs - Accessories - System tools - System restore .

Pick a date before your problem started and follow the instructions to restore the computer to that date.

  MarvintheAndroid 17:14 30 Dec 2008

Yes, take it to a computer sop.

Re-installation from scratch probably won't be necessary, you just need someone who knows to take a look.

And please, next time you post, try using some grammar and spelling. It's hard enough solving peoples computer problems without having to struggle working out what the question is !!


  Sea Urchin 17:27 30 Dec 2008

Point of order - see extract from Forum Rules

click here

  MarvintheAndroid 17:49 30 Dec 2008

Of course I don't expect perfect either, but please. I'm sure FE will remove my comments if they are out of order. No offence intended.


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