Is it safe to leave computer on Standby

  birdface 18:41 06 May 2007

Hi,My computer takes to long to start up, [Old Age], Is it safe to switch it off on Standby all the time.I find it really quick to start from there,Anybody know if there are any serious problems doing it this way,

  SANTOS7 18:44 06 May 2007

It's perfectly safe to have your computer on all the time, or to turn it off (or have it turn itself off in standby or hibernate) as long as you have good components that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use, and that you have your computer in a low dust or dust free environment. Also, keep it off the floor, and keep your computer in a cool, or room temperature environment. You should never run your computer during a lightning storm without proper surge protection.

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  birdface 18:56 06 May 2007

Ok Santos,Thats good enough for me,Thanks for the quick reply.

  EARLR 19:05 06 May 2007

The only reason I turn mine off is that it´s lappy and the sound of the external fan is rather loud.
I once had 4 386 machines that ran 24-7 for 6 years.
(back in the MS dos ages).

P:S: Does anyone remember how to "Park a Hard drive" for moving ?

  Stuartli 20:21 06 May 2007

You would be better using Hibernate rather than Standby - Hibernate mode Saves all your settings before closing down and resumes at the point where you used it.

However, using Standby means that if you have a power cut or other problem you could/may well lose any unsaved information.

  birdface 20:48 06 May 2007

Hi,Sorry never heard of Hibernate before,How do you do it.

  Stuartli 21:36 06 May 2007

From Start>Settings>Control Panel>Power Options>Hibernate tab.

  Stuartli 21:38 06 May 2007

If you need more information, then go to Start>Help and Support and type Hibernate into the Search box.

Help and Support is there (as always with Microsoft products i.e. Help in the Tool bar of any program or application) to offer excellent, comprehensive and well written guidance...:-)

  birdface 21:47 06 May 2007

Hi,Not got enough disc space,I have 99.745 mb, I need 480 Mb,Hope I have that right.

  birdface 21:52 06 May 2007

Hi, thanks for all your help but a bit complicated for me,I will just stick to Stand-by.

  gel 07:02 07 May 2007

Hello Stuarli,
I normally get a lot of help from Stuarli so I am pleased to offer something in return.
Assuming windows home edition:
to hibernate
click Start
click Turn off
Hover over standby
press shift and standby will turn into hibernate
Press hibernate and the PC will hibernate
Or press sleep on key board

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