Is it safe to delete backup file?

  pcbobby 10:30 21 Nov 2005

My OS is W 98 SE

The last backup I did, using the TOOLS facility, was June 2002.
The file is located C:\ the size is 2.6GB.
I would like to reclaim some disc space.
Can I safely delete this file without causing any problems?

PS. I have used Spyware Blaster to take a Snap-shot of the system recently.

  recap 10:52 21 Nov 2005

As it is an old back up file and I assume that you have created new back up's since this one was created, then I would tend to think it is safe to remove it.

  Diemmess 11:00 21 Nov 2005

Backup is more than just a good idea, but needs doing 'properly' and regularly.

Have doubts that June 2002 is any use at all now, BUT never let go both ends!

You dont say what HD capacity you have or whether you have more than one.
Ideally you should make a true image of your C: drive on a different HD altogether(using Ghost or Acronis).
Then when your system goes belly-up you can restore the image in a few minutes without the frustration of having to start from scratch.

When such an image is "restored" it will wipe everything off the target drive and so it is no use keeping that image on the same c: drive.

If you see the sense of what I've said, but are uncertain how to do it, please post back and say what your present arragement of HD/s is, then other members can add useful ideas.

  pcbobby 11:00 21 Nov 2005

Thanks recap.

No, I have not backed up since 2002.
the PC is getting old, and if it does go down, I am not too much worried.
I do save a copy of all my important documents each month.

  Gongoozler 11:03 21 Nov 2005

A Windows 98 installation from 2002 could well benefit from a reformat and reinstallation anyway, just make sure that you have all the necessary software and drivers first.

  Diemmess 11:15 21 Nov 2005

I understand what you mean now....

[I do save a copy of all my important documents each month.]

If you save any data at all, it is wise to save it on another HD or even multisessions with CDs, because if the (only) HD dies........

  pcbobby 11:21 21 Nov 2005

Re HD capacity.
It is 20GB
There are no partitions/ghost.

  Diemmess 11:45 21 Nov 2005

Looks like a need to compromise!


If you are likely to replace it for something new then you can continue as you are, but do make a regular data backup on CDs or even the neglected floppy.


Fit a second larger HD, and either try to reduce the stuff that is cluttering your present drive by copying it to folders on the new HD and then make backup images of C: stored on the new HD, else.....
Follow Gongoozler's advice and revamp the whole outfit from the beginning, but I would keep all that you can for the second HD.

  pcbobby 12:15 21 Nov 2005

I have noted your contributions, and will action.

  pcbobby 12:35 21 Nov 2005

Delighted to report that the file has been deleted.
The system remain healthy!
Thank to one and all.

  PaulB2005 12:39 21 Nov 2005

"I have used Spyware Blaster to take a Snap-shot of the system recently."

This is just backs up various settings and is not a full backup as such.

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