Is It Safe To Delete All Data On "C://" Drive?

  sam2004 17:54 27 Mar 2004

Dear All,
I am now running on Windows XP using the "F://" partition for my OS the "C://" partition contains no data that is useful to me, other than that for the old Win98 OS.

Is it safe to wipe the "C://" partition without damaging anything that could stop my PC from running?


  Paranoid Android 18:03 27 Mar 2004

Is your PC set to dual-boot, or to boot only to Windows XP ? Are they on separate drives, or partitions on a single drive ?


  Rayuk 18:04 27 Mar 2004

If when you boot up pc you have the option to boot into Win98 or WinXP,if you delete C; your pc will not boot,as the boot.ini file is on that partition.

  sam2004 18:07 27 Mar 2004

Here is the info you requested

They are partitions on same HDD.

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  sam2004 18:10 27 Mar 2004

Where is the boot.ini file stored?

Is it all I would need to save to stop my pc from going into meltdown?

How could i save just that file on the "C://" partition & delete the rest?

  Rayuk 18:28 27 Mar 2004

Beyond me not sure you can.

  Paranoid Android 22:02 27 Mar 2004

You may be better off using Partition Magic to merge the partitions together and make Windows XP load at boot.

Mucking around with the Boot.ini file can be dangerous and I don't feel comfortable advising you further without seeing the system.



  JerryJay 23:00 27 Mar 2004

You never know what have been installed on C when you install XP.

  temp003 07:58 28 Mar 2004

Your previous thread suggests that you are still using C as the boot partition. Your boot files are all there: ntldr,, boot.ini and bootsect.dos. The last is needed only for booting into 98 on a dual/multiple boot with XP.

You must keep at least the first 3 files in order to boot into XP. If you can't see them in My Computer, click Tools, Folder Options, View tab, tick Show hidden files and folders, untick hide file extensions for known file types, untick Hide protected operating system files (and say yes to warning), and then click OK.

If you don't want 98 any more, the easiest thing to do is to delete all the folders on C, but leave the little individual files on C intact. They don't take up much space and it's safest to let them be. As long as you keep the individual files on the C root directory, the deletion won't affect your XP.

Just don't format the C drive, without first asking how to replace the boot files after the formatting.


One thing you could also do is to back up your boot files on a floppy. In XP, insert floppy, right click Drive A, select Format, then click Start (do not tick any of the options). You must do this in XP itself, and even if you use a brand new floppy. After formatting, copy the 3 files ntldr, and boot.ini to the floppy. Remove floppy and label it XP boot floppy. This serves as a backup and as a boot floppy (start computer with floppy inserted and it can boot you into XP). If ever you need to format C, you have a backup of the boot files.


You might also want to clean up your boot.ini file. At the moment, it has 3 OS selections, just that you have chosen not to display the list - the puzzling bit is having apparently 2 copies of XP Pro.

You took the easy route in your last thread, so you may not be interested in tidying up your boot.ini files (it's just a text file). But if you are, in XP, click Start, Run, type c:\boot.ini and press Enter.

The file will open in Notepad. Copy the text and paste it back here. We can then tell you what to do.

  sam2004 11:02 28 Mar 2004

It sounds like it may be more trouble than it is worth deleting Win98. i'd rather have a full HDD that a empty one & the PC not booting!


There are two editions of XP Pro on my OS list as i had to install it twice - can't remember why though. Once again thankyou for your help.

Best Wishes,

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