Is it safe?

  L plate marky 14:33 03 Jul 2004

Is it safe to run checks on the likes of Ad aware and Spybot at the same time or will it cause them to corrupt their results?

  scooby43 14:37 03 Jul 2004

I don't know as I only use adware

  Daz35 14:48 03 Jul 2004

I use both without a problem, as well as spywareblaster.

Sometimes one will pick up something the other one didn't, so it's fairly useful to have both.

The first time you install both, you normally get some kind of compatibility warning (or something of the kind),but I've had no problems.

  rawprawn 15:09 03 Jul 2004

Depending on what you mean by the same time? I have all three but I do not run Ad-aware & Spybot simulaneously,nor should you.

  siouxah1 16:15 03 Jul 2004

Am not saying is is right, but, I run Norton anti virus, adaware and spybot checks at the same time.

No problems noticed to date. Could well be wrong.

Brian j

  Daz35 16:30 03 Jul 2004

Sorry, I thought you meant having them on your system at the same time, not running them at the same time.

I've never run them at the same time as I can't see the point when they only take a couple of minutes to do the job.

  L plate marky 19:17 03 Jul 2004

Thanks for the responses. I did mean simultaneously, and running them separate along with a sophos anti virus takes about 15 minutes. I simply wondered if I could save time by doing all at the same time. (sorry should have mentioned the anti virus check the first time)

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