Is it Router or BT's fault?

  Alf58 15:22 27 Oct 2006

Recently been getting very poor broadband service and I'm wondering if it is my router that is to blame or my ISP in this case BT. I have the "up to 8mb" connection. When I first got it (in July), it was around 6mb and was fairly reliable.

In last couple of weeks the connection has suddenly dropped 3 or 4 times in a 3 hour session and every reconnection has been at a slower speed. Last night was particularly bad: it seemed to go off about every 25 minutes or so and I ended up with an untrustworthy connection of just over 2mbs which for an up to 8mb service is pathetic.

How can I tell if my BELKIN 54g router is to blame (overheating maybe?) or BT?

Symptoms: first switch on good connection of around 6mbs then after 30 minutes or so the light indicating internet connection flickers showing the connection has dropped and the light indication internet activity goes out. The mains light stays on and the network(four computers in our house) still functions ok. After a minute or sometimes two or three minutes the connection resumes but always at a slower speed.

If my router was playing up what would I look for?

  anskyber 15:29 27 Oct 2006

Its probably the contention ratio. You will "share" (not literally) your BB bandwidth, in effect BT will give each person less as it has to be shared with more people in your area coming on line durinng the day.

Its half term, it may get better next week but its quite normal. Hence "up to 8megs"

  anskyber 15:30 27 Oct 2006
  Dipso 15:31 27 Oct 2006

You need to check what your line stats are on your router when the problems occur. There couldbe some source of interferencethat is causing the drop outs.

click here shows how to get line stats for some Belkins

  Dipso 15:34 27 Oct 2006

Contention wouldn't cause the connection to drop, only the download speeds.

Try and do this test to see what your profile is then post back, this could explain why your speeds are so slow. It's a very busy tester so may take several tries.

  Dipso 15:35 27 Oct 2006
  Alf58 15:56 27 Oct 2006

Thank you for your replies. The BT tester is of course busy! If my router was the cause of my problems how would I know? What would be the symptoms?

My connection speed decreases from first switch on onwards. Typically this would be from 9pm till beyond midnight. If it was a contention issue, surely the speed would increase as it got later at night as more users went to bed? In other words I should get faster connection at 1am rather than at 9pm?

This afternoon I switched on at about 2pm and was connected at 5.860mb. At 2.25, the connection dropped and then restarted at 2136. I manually restarted and got connected at 3136. So far no more drop outs.

  jolorna 16:02 27 Oct 2006

if you have another router to test it with' i had one die on me the downstream speed was ok but very little upstream speed at times

  Dipso 16:03 27 Oct 2006

I very much doubt it is your router,more likely something that's happening to your line.

You are right in that you should see better speeds after midnight.

If you are syncing at 5.8 one minute then 2.1 then 3.1, something is affecting your line.

Do you connect through an extension or the master BT socket?

Are all your phones, Sky, faxes etc. filtered?

The BT tester is a pain but is very good at diagnosing problems. From what you have said it wouldn't surprise me if your profile is sub 2 Meg and therefore until this increases (could take 3 days) there's no chance of you seeing more than 2Meg from your line whatever sync rate you get.

Can you get your line stats from the router?

One other thing, if at all possible, try and leave your router switched on, switching it on and off especially when you are having problems won't help.

  Alf58 16:18 27 Oct 2006

Thanks to all.

Yes I can get connection speed information from my routers home page. I dont know how accutate they are but they do make it clear if my speed has gone up or down.

All our phones (four of them)have the ADSL filters attached. We dont have sky or any other devices connected apart from phones and the router. The drop outs never coincide with someone using the phone or even the phone ringing they are just out of the blue and for no obvious reason.

As for the socket: it was installed by a BT engineer about four years ago when I had ISDN fitted. I guess it is not a master because it was installed long after the original phone service was installed before we moved here.
Everything has been fine with it up untill recently. I had 2 meg broadband working perfectly, never a lost connection, never a slow speed. This problem has occured over the past month or so.

  €dstowe 16:23 27 Oct 2006

There is the BT BB Status Line 0800 169 0199 that can tell you about service problems.

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