Is it really safe to disable S&Destroy Teatimer?

  SB23 21:06 06 Nov 2007

The reason that I ask is the fact that absolutely anything that I do, results in a registry change warning, and its getting on my nerves.

I read a few other posts, and have been to their forum, but is it really safe to disable this feature?



  Taff™ 21:19 06 Nov 2007

Yes, but you will have to run Spybot manually.

  SB23 21:29 06 Nov 2007

You have to run it manually anyway don't you?

Th teatimer is a realtime protection for changes to the system, isn't it. If that is the case, other than having to run a scan myself, can I do without it?

  Taff™ 21:45 06 Nov 2007

Teatimer is basically an alert system to changes to the registry. You accept or reject them. You are right anyway - you have to run the scan.

INHO Turn teatimer off because it`s a pain - bit like Vista, always asking you to confirm, confirm confirm. (Sorry, bit of a rant, "I am trying to load this program - how many times do I have to tell you! - Continue, Continue, I don`t care it isn`t certified by Microsoft, OK, OK!!!!")

Give me back XP please ...

  SB23 21:49 06 Nov 2007

You obviously have problems of your own, lol, but your right, I'll turn off teatimer and just continue to scan weekly, as I do now.

Btw, thats why I'm sticking with XP.



  p;3 21:55 06 Nov 2007

if it is causing more distration than help, in my view it is safe to disable the tea timer; one assumes you have other adequate protection on the computer?

my own spybot is NOT tea timer enabled

  SB23 21:58 06 Nov 2007

Yes I do have other programs on my system, which is the reason that I was asking if I can do without teatimer.
As you have said, in my case its a distraction that I can do without.

  Stuartli 23:52 06 Nov 2007

I've never used TeaTimer.

  Acx 01:04 07 Nov 2007

It is your computer and as if as you say 'it is getting on your nerves' get rid of it, there are lots of alternatives out there. I uninsalled BBC iPlayer for the same reason.

  sunny staines 08:01 07 Nov 2007

i too avoid teatimer

  rawprawn 09:57 07 Nov 2007

You can turn User Control off in the Contol Panel > User accounts, and it will stop asking your permission, but you will lose some IE Protection.

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