Is it possible to upgrade my PC's processor cheaply and safely?

  Potter Mouse 03:03 10 Jun 2012

Help me please, I have no idea about PC componants and there wierd and wonderful coded names so I realy need some advice please? My PC is about 7 years old, yes I know that is ancient, I dont have a lot of cash to spare just now and so would like to upgrade what I have got rather than buy new or build my own PC. My question is this, can I upgrade my processor cheaply, fairly easily and safely? My motherboard is a M863AG V1.X My current processor is an AMD Athlon XP 1800+ which I would like to replace with a better processor like the Athlon XP 2600+ or even better if I can. I would just like to know if it is possible without upgrading everything else too please?

If you need more info to help me with this please just ask and I will do my best to find the info you need.

Thanks in advance, Tat.

  KRONOS the First 10:51 10 Jun 2012

Can you just confirm model and version number? this will show you how. version.

Is this your motherboard? Mobo.

If so here is a list of CPU's supported. Supported CPU's.

If you download and install this,SIW, the Home edition is all you need. When you run it you will see on the left hand side about half way down the heading Hardware clicking on anything under that will tell you what you have in your PC. It would be useful to know what RAM you have amount and type as this is a reasonable cheap area for upgrading, though I suspect you have DDR2 RAM which is more expensive than the more modern DDR3.

  SparkyJack 11:15 10 Jun 2012

Wilst applauding Chronus wise advice I would in view of your lack of knowledge would advise against any action in this way. you are likely to be enerting an expensive tail chase of buying bits to support the new.

This because of the relative cost of components over the purchase of new complete systems

far better to look at 'bare bones boxes' from the like of Novatech or a mother boeard bundle from the same place

you will get a matched set of components which in the case of the bare bones simply needs existing drives to be installed or in the case of the mobo bundle to swap old for new in the existing case and drives

  KRONOS the First 12:03 10 Jun 2012

As his mobo supports Socket A/462 any upgrade will be very cheap. I have several of these chips and it really is not worth the bother of putting them on the bay.

Whereas I agree that a bundle would probably be the way to go it will still be a lot more expensive than a CPU from ebay though the RAM upgrade might prove costly.

  johndrew 12:25 10 Jun 2012

When upgrading, it is not just components that need consideration but also the OS. If an OEM version, will MS accept the changes of components or consider it a new PC. Also if XP is currently being used, it may be worth upgrading to W7 as XP support has little time remaning.

  SparkyJack 13:56 10 Jun 2012

John D has a valid point-a good indication of simply changing one component will not neessarily 'jmprove' a particular system.

Microsoft has its ways of detecting a major component change and will need revalidating that the particular system is the original to which is was assigned and not simply ported to another computer altogether

  KRONOS the First 14:53 10 Jun 2012

I have over time completely changed all components on a PC that had OEM XP without having any real bother re-activating it again. It might have meant using the phone option but no big deal.

  SparkyJack 08:45 11 Jun 2012

They word I geuss 'chronus' is time and the changing a single item -a drive say - whilst mobo remains and so forth

  Potter Mouse 15:19 12 Jun 2012

Thanks for info so far guys even though some of it is still a bit over my head, here is some more info about my PC's specs. I got this info from CPU-Z, my mainboard model is M863 and the version is 080010, memory says DDR 1024 MBytes, CPU says AMD Athlon XP 1800+,MMX 3DNow! ~1.3 GHz codename Barton socket A (462). I am not sure if that is all the info you needed but its the closest I can find to what you ased for. Just for info sake here is some graphics card info too its a SiS Mirage graphics card, Chip type, SiS 741, 32 MBytes the OS I am using just now is Microsoft windows home edition service pack 3 (build 2600) DirectX 9.0c.

The reason I want to sort this out is I play a game called Runescape online and my fps is around 3-10 depending if I am in quieter areas or busier areas of the game, I need to imrove this to make the game more playable if I possibly can.

Thanks again for any help in advance, Potter Mouse.

  KRONOS the First 16:04 12 Jun 2012

You need to at least triple your memory. Could you please use the software I linked to SIW as I do not know what graphic card you have. I am not sure what SiS Mirage is. So if you could confirm your graphics card as that can also be upgraded.

Your operating system is what exactly? I think its XP as you mention SP3.

So more ram and a better GPU would make your game more playable, but you do have a rather old system so do expect all dancing and all singing with just a couple of component upgrades, but it should be a lot better.

  Potter Mouse 17:23 12 Jun 2012

I am so sorry when I was typing in the OS I somehow missed out typing XP, it is windows XP I have. SiS stands for Silicon Integrated System, Name(SIW) is SiS66 1FX/760/741/M66 1FX/M760/M741 GUI 2D/3D Accelerator. Device says, PCI\VEN1039&DEV6330&SUBYS63301039&REV00\4&13EB4D69&0&0008. Service is SiS315. Manufacturer is SiS. Hardware ID's PCI\VEN1039&DEV6330&SUBYS63301039&REV00. Comapatable ID's, PCI\VEN1039&DEV6330&REV_00. Description, SiS Mirage Graphics. Video processor, SiS 741 32MBytes. For more RAM is it memory cards I need? I have 2 slots and each has 512MB. My hard drive has capacity of 189GB of which only 30.5GB has been used. Thanks in advance again, Potter Mouse.

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