Is it possible to set up audio play back in Windows 7 for simultaneous sound from multiple speakers?

  parkton 21:34 26 Apr 2014


I'm not sure whether what i want to achieve is possible, but here is my objective. Having just got into music streaming from my Windows 7 pc, using Firefox as browser and Deezer for the music i wanted to achieve multiple room listening rather than just listening from the stereo speakers attached to the pc. So,i've plugged in a bluetooth usb adapter (Advent,with EDR)and connected up a harman/karman BTA10 bluetooth adapter to the hi-fi in my living room and purchased a Minx Go (Cambridge Audio) portable wireless music system speaker. To my great relief all installed successfully and all the devices play - but only individually. In setting up and matching the bluetooth devices music started playing straight away via my hi-fi, which appears to have been set as the default player.

The question therefore is can i, and how do i go about adjusting the computer audio settings to have music playing simultaneously via the hi-fi in the living room,the pc connected speakers in the back room and the portable Minx bluetooth speaker? When i looked at Control Panel and then 'Sound' i've found how to change the default playback source between the items listed, but can't see how i can get all the items to play music from Deezer at the same time for that multi-room sound experience.

I'd appreciate any help you can give, and in simple steps because i'm no computer techie!

Last point, just in case it's relevant concerns the Advent Bluetooth adapter. I purchased this online [having failed with another make from a well known High Street retailer, which was returned for a refund] and checked that it was going to be okay for Windows 7. On the packet though it says Windows 2000, XP and Vista but having then checked again, others had installed successfully on Windows 7 - and obviously it also worked for me as far as i can see, because all the devices do work. I didn't use the CD supplied and just let Windows do the set up automatically.


  Subwooofer 09:47 28 Apr 2014

Sonos is the obvious answer for you here, but if you're passionate about audio quality and not scared of big price tags - you could take a look at Naim Muso Wireless Loudspeaker :P

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