Is it possible to replace your graphics card fan?

  jediknight007 16:41 02 Feb 2003

Hi, I have an Inno3d Tornado GeForce 2 MX with 32MB SDRAM and for the last few months, my PC has a buzzing noise from somewhere inside. It usually comes up when my PC is booting into Windows and at other times when I'm doing too many things at the same time on the PC. At first, I thought it was my fan and heatsink on my processor but I recently upgraded my motherboard and processor and the buzzing sound still occurs. The only thing which has a fan and I didn't upgrade was my graphics card although it is still difficult to pinpoint exactly where the sound is from.

If it is the fan on the graphics card (which I removed and dusted about 3 months ago), then is it possible to replace it without causing any damage to the graphics card itself? Otherwise, I might be forced to spend £50 or so on a new GeForce 4 MX440 with 64MB DDR RAM.

  Spencus 16:58 02 Feb 2003


click here

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You may also have the option of replacing the fan with a heatsink

  Gongoozler 17:05 02 Feb 2003

jediknight007, it is often possible to confirm if fan bearings are getting noisy by applying light pressure to the centre of the spindle (usually covered by a label. If it is, you can try a temporary fix by puncturing the label and injecting a small amount of light oil.

  jediknight007 17:24 02 Feb 2003

If I place a heatsink on the graphics card, won't it become damaged due to the weight of it and maybe even snap?

  Belatucadrus 18:58 02 Feb 2003

click here for thermaltake graphics card fan.

  jediknight007 23:19 02 Feb 2003


  flecc 23:32 02 Feb 2003

Yes, and Maplin have the odd one that might do the job. However, a better solution could be a large passive heat sink to get rid of the noise. Try the Quiet PC people for one of those.

  Spencus 02:13 03 Feb 2003

There are heatsinks specialty designed to be attached to graphic cards,they may be attached with a supplied adhesive or special clips,this information is included in the spec. on the sites that I and other members have mentioned

Due to the noise problem it is becoming a regular practice to replace fans with aheatsink

  powerless 02:37 03 Feb 2003

click here

Go down to the bottom and have no fan ;-)

  Gongoozler 07:30 03 Feb 2003

jediknight007, before condemning the graphics card fan, roll up a sheet of A4 paper into a tube about 2cm diameter, put one end against your graphics card fan and the other against your ear. This should immediately confirm whether that fan is the source of the noise.

  jediknight007 12:41 03 Feb 2003

Or I could just boot up the PC and then stick my ear near the graphics card fan. Of course, I could have my ear sliced off.

I will probably just get a new fan and heatink since it doesn't cost much anyways and it might solve my problem and maybe increase the perfomance of my graphics card, but probably not much. But how would I know whether the fan and heatink will fit onto my graphics card? Do they require you to screw on the fan or is there some kind of clip which you just flip over the side of the graphics card?

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