Is it possible to log into XP without a PS2 mouse

  theDarkness 18:20 26 Oct 2010

My ps2 mouse on the old xp desktop gave up, and so I can no longer log into windows xp as a result (no password needed, only to click on user name). I do have a usb mouse, but xp (with sp3) does not recognise it, if it is plugged in before switching on or not. I am wondering if there are any xp keyboard shortcuts that may help? The keyboard is working 100%, but the usual keys that you would think might work (eg arrow keys) do not work for selection or moving the mouse arrow. The mouse arrow is stuck in the middle of the screen as a result.

Is there a way to enable ps2 mouse emulation from the logon screen? I would guess not, but thanks for any info if possible (before I order that ps2 mouse)

If it is any consolation I used a usb (Wireless) mouse with XP SP3. Is this a corded usb mouse and did it come with a CD?

If it is any consolation I used a usb (Wireless) mouse with XP SP3. Is this a corded usb mouse and did it come with a CD?

  Jwbjnwolf 18:32 26 Oct 2010

Have you tried plugging it in at the back if you are trying to do it at the front, or otherway around.
at my school somtimes when I sit down at pc to log on theres no mouse
so find one and try at the front or otherway round so try the other side.
Don't know anything else but all I know about mice not pluged in is that 4 so yrs ago my mum set up old pc and forgot mouse and it was bleaping like anything like a bomb ticking she said and she thought something was wrong so she asked her father to have a look into it but he didnt bother and he took it to the dump as he said it was unfixable.

  theDarkness 18:51 26 Oct 2010

its an optical wired ps2 mouse, cheap pcline model. the system is very old, 2001 (!) time model. ive now managed to log into windows using safe mode, and choose options within any window by selecting the tab key, but it wont let me remove any passwords on the login screen so that I can log in automatically, and then install the mouse drivers. i think login software must be installed, I will try and uninstall some software to see if that helps (if thats possible in safe mode)


  Jwbjnwolf 19:00 26 Oct 2010

I think it is possible to do so
just can be very tricky without a mouse.
Try asking relation or someone if they have a spare mouse that you could try, someone is sure to have some spare mice that aren't needed as cruel as it sounds.
get it? mice

  theDarkness 19:34 26 Oct 2010

I managed to find a list of shortcuts click here and I removed the full welcome screen, in order for me to select user using the keyboard, but it now tells me to reactivate windows if I want to login, and each time I click on yes (the space bar is the equivalent of left clicking on a mouse), im now being automatically logged off again-lol. ive found someone with the same problem here, very odd click here

  Jwbjnwolf 19:46 26 Oct 2010

How annoying, well I really wish could help but run out of ideas

  theDarkness 20:35 26 Oct 2010

if I select safe mode without networking, then I can log in, but with it, it tells me I need to reactivate xp, then logs out again. The system is legit and is already activated. I think a windows update knackered it.

Im not sure if id be able to install any usb mouse in safe mode? Ill end up buying a ps2 mouse to solve the mouse control issue eventually, but Ill still need to figure out what network service or update is causing the automatic log off and reactivate xp message (i think the original message was xp having changed so much, that a reactivation was needed-never had such a message before). thanks

  Jwbjnwolf 20:47 26 Oct 2010

Maybe you best try a reinstall, just like Crossbow7 told me that you can borrow someone else disk if it was a reinstalled version or if you have lost your disk
I remember about when my mum was administrator and forgot her password(which I know this is completely different to mice and activate reminders) but the only way was to reinstall
I recommend being in safe mode, backup all of your files and folders and you most probably will need to reinstall windows

  lotvic 21:32 26 Oct 2010

You can buy an adaptor for about £1 so that you can use your usb mouse in the ps/2 port.

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