is it possible , IDE drive to SATA ??

  woofwoofbark 04:37 05 Jun 2009

I need help , I am buying a new SATA II HD , arrives today. I already have a 160GB SATA II installed , which it is split to 40GB( for windows vista install>program files>my documents ect...) plus the remaining space for storage.
My problem , I have a spare IDE 40GB drive laying around that I would like to use as my main drive , but how do I convert it to SATA II , ive seen some converters for sale , but which one should I get ?

I want my setup to look like this...

40GB IDE with converter to SATA II This drive will be for windows Vista

1TB Western Digital SATA II for storage

160GB Sata II for windows backup and for backing up my files ( I have acronis for this)

So how do I convert IDE drive to SATA ?

  ambra4 05:19 05 Jun 2009

The motherboard should have 1 IDE connector, which you can use to install the IDE drive

If already used for the optical drive you will need to install a SATA to IDE Dongle

click here

  DieSse 07:47 05 Jun 2009

An IDE drive will not perform as well as a SATA II drive even if you can find an interface converter. You'll be better off with a proper SATA II drive as your system drive.

You're not going to back up 1TB (or anywhere near it) of your files onto a 160BB drive.

You may also find a time when a 40GB drive is simply too small for use as a system drive. I suggest you leave your system as is and forget about the old IDE drive - and put the money you'll spend on a converter towards a third, larger drive for backups - preferably an external one.

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