is it possible to have BB; P.A.Y.G ??

  p;3 10:37 16 Apr 2005

Have been dealing for the past weeks with a pc (not mine)that had ground to a virtual halt with a trojan infection not detected as his virus protection was a few years OOD,( I found it by putting on and running Stinger on it , and his amazement that he had a bad infection on there was of virtual incredulity and disbelief) and I have utilised my tower BB speed to download various programs to save and transfer to his machine to clean it up and sort it out ;

being used to BB speed and "convenience", I found it incredibly tedious and extremely frustrating and time-wasting getting the updates for these programs to download to his machine at ridiculously and agonisingly slow pace via his dial-up ;

I discussed with him the isssue of the dial -up and the fact that BB is a tad faster

he is at present with NTL cable phone , but NOT cable BB ; he is concerned that if he has BB he will be "always connected" which he does not want; I discussed this with him and explained that my BT BB is connected when I request it, and that I pay a flat rate each month for unlimited access to my line;

he really only at present uses the line to connect to retrieve his mails ; however, I have warned him that he must keep the protection programs that are now on there up to date with frequent updating (his previous AV, that came with the machine he apparently never updated so was worse than useless on his machine);
he is thinking of upgrading his machine (his HD is virtually full now), and I have tried to strongly suggest that he consider BB to help him get faster connection and retrieval speeds;

he does not want to have a large monthly subscription fee , and, although I have not heard of such, I have wondered whether one can have a PAYG BB ;
I cant see why not, but wonder who might supply one; he is also concerned that his phone line is obviously blocked when he is on his dial-up connection;
I hope I have explained this sufficiently;
his ISP ,at present ,is breathe and he is running windows 98Plus and has now got IE6 on there after an intense struggle again with the incredibly slow download rate of the dial-up .
I have tried to encourge and impress on him the necessity to update his protection programs daily, as the dial-up download speed for the updates , when there is a large folder to download, is so abominably slow as to be ,well....

and have done some program updating myself on his machine, doing piece by piece to show him how as the only way the dial-up can handle it:(

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:53 16 Apr 2005

I fail to see his logic but BB PAYG is here but there is a monthly fee and these lot seem to offer it click here and click here sans fee . If he cannot accept the simple logic of BB or does not wish to pay a monthly fee let him can take a horse to water etc....If he cannot afford a monthly fee, tough, that is life.


  mgmcc 11:01 16 Apr 2005

There are PAYG broadband services but it is not like PAYG dialup where you literally pay nothing if you don't use the service. There is still a monthly subscription and you buy additional Gigabytes as required.

PlusNet's PAYG broadband - click here

  Meshuga 11:10 16 Apr 2005

Your friend needs to understand that in this day and age you get what you pay for and if he`s not prepared to pay for service thats what he`ll get, Nowt.

  jbp1982 11:12 16 Apr 2005

By the time PAYG costs are added together, he'd be better to take a normal BB package @ the lowest speed and capped limit which would equate to £17 approx depending on ISP.

If he's not that bothered why convince him p;3? and if you're that concerned about your friend's internet you could pay his subscription to BB :p


  pj123 11:30 16 Apr 2005

Metronet is another at: click here

But you have to buy the modem and there are one-off setup charges. After that the minimum monthly fee is £10. Probably be something in the region of £100 to get up and running. But if he is on NTL cable phone (like me) he will find it difficult to find anyone who can offer it. They all say "must have a BT line"

NTLs cheapest BB is £17.99 for a 1mb connection with a 3gb per month cap. If he is on NTL that may be his only option.

  p;3 11:42 16 Apr 2005

I think he is "open to suggestions" and while I have the BB and resourses to make enquires at a much faster rate than his dial-up (which is so incredibly slow),I am doing so and relaying info to him; ultimately the decision is obviously his but I wish to be able to give him as much valid info as possible for him to make his own decision :)

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