Is it possible to hack into and unlock a computer?

  SJM_81 16:57 16 Dec 2010

Ive got to laptops. One of the laptops is used by the family. Ive just gone to switch it on for my daughter and its asking for a password. Ive never put a password on and all the others that use it say they haven't?

How do I unlock it?


  howard64 17:13 16 Dec 2010

you may have to remove the main battery and then open up and remove the cmos battery. With the laptop unplugged you may have to leave it for half an hour or more. Replace the cmos battery and main battery and try. If still no good you may have to look at the makers site to download the manual or ask at their forum.

  rawprawn 17:14 16 Dec 2010

Try just Hitting "Enter" when it asks, if nobody has put a password in the default is usually no password, or you could try "admin" if that fails.

  onthelimit 17:14 16 Dec 2010 here. Not had to try any myself.

  rawprawn 17:15 16 Dec 2010

howard64 is correct, that is as far as I know the only other alternative

  SJM_81 17:20 16 Dec 2010

Ive done it...thanks anyway.

I rebooted in safe mode logged in under default admin and changed the password from there.

Whats the point in a password if its that easy to reset lol?

  Devil Fish 01:25 17 Dec 2010

Whats the point in a password if its that easy to reset lol?

The point is if someone other than yourself had the machine without an admin password it owuld make it a little more tricky to access the machine

  birdface 08:14 17 Dec 2010

Make sure Microsoft has not put another user account on your computer.
They do that with some XP computers especially if you have updated or reinstalled XP.
It would come under ASP-Net something like that.
But if it is in user accounts remove it.

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