Is it possible to dual boot 2 windowsxp harddrives

  fredo3 13:35 25 Jan 2004

I've had the idea of dual booting 2 windowsxp hard-disks in my computer. I want to run 1 disk in fat32 and the other in NTFS. I want to run with no security firewall or antivirus on the fat32 hard-drive so I can use this as an online game-server...The game maps run much better with no security programs working in the background. When I want my home network to access the internet I can just boot into the NTFS partition complete with firewall/antivirus and connect to the net as usual.The fat32 drive will not detect the NTFS drive so I presume the NTFS home network drive would be relatively safe from hacking. Does anyone agree or disagree? thanks

  Forum Editor 14:13 25 Jan 2004

with a different installation of WinXP Pro on two separate hard drives. I use one for beta testing purposes, and one for everyday use.

If someone seriously wants to hack your machine they will, and the fact that you're running different file systems on the drives won't worry a determined hacker for a moment. The chances of that happening are pretty remote however.

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