Is it possible to create bootup disc for ME Os?

  SB23 16:28 07 Nov 2006

A friend of mine, who is in her prime, shall we say, has a problem with her pc.
Yesterday it was working, today it doesn't. I've had a look at the obvious, checked leads, connections, boot order etc, but the system still refuses to go past the boot screen.
She uses it as her link to the outside, so I'm desperate to get it sorted for her. Would a startup disc of some sort help or not?
If not, any other ideas?

I will add, I don't think its the HD as it was swapped over for a new one about 7 weeks ago by her son, and has been fine until now.



  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:34 07 Nov 2006

click here has downloadable ME boot disks.


  rodriguez 16:35 07 Nov 2006

Which boot screen won't it get past? The Windows one or the one right at the start with all the text? Any error messages? You can get any boot disk you want from (click here), including the W

  rodriguez 16:35 07 Nov 2006

...Win ME one. For some reason it decided to post it while I was still typing...hmmm. :-P

  SB23 16:53 07 Nov 2006

Thanks for the link both, the file looks like I can just save to a floppy, am I right? or do I need different software to save it correctly?

  woodchip 17:52 07 Nov 2006

After you download the File, Put a Floppy in Computer and Double click the File

  SB23 17:59 07 Nov 2006

Thanks woodchip, I'll try this later as I'll need to ask her for a spare floppy. Hopefully I can get her system up and going again.
Will let you all know.
Thanks for now.


  SB23 13:50 08 Nov 2006

Well, I've just come from trying to use the floppy startup disc, and the pc is now telling me that it cannot find floppy drive, the primary hard disk or the secondary hard disk.
She told me this morning that her grandson installed something, and thats when the problems started.
I even tried to get into the bios again, and you guessed it, nothing.
Any ideas, as I'm all out of them.



  rodriguez 14:18 08 Nov 2006

Does it ignore all keyboard commands? Any keyboard lights? If it does, try another keyboard - both PS2 and USB if you can as sometimes the sockets on the board stop working (the PS2 ones on my dad's don't work anymore so he has to use USB keyboard and mouse). However the fact that it's saying it can't find the drives seems to point to a corrupted bios. Usually you can download a BIOS update and put it on a bootable floppy to fix it but as yours won't detect the drive, this won't be an option. If you can boot from a USB memory stick though, it could work as long as it finds that. What did her grandson install on it? I can look it up and see how much damage it can cause. Also if you have a USB memory stick you can boot from, post the make and model of the motherboard and I'll try and find a BIOS update.

  SB23 14:25 08 Nov 2006

It accepts the ctrl, alt, enter command to start a system search, but thats when it comes up with it cannot find any of the drives.
As for the program that was installed I have yet to find out.
Do you have any idea how I can get back into the bios again?

  rodriguez 14:32 08 Nov 2006

Usually if you tap the DEL or F10 key as it starts up it'll come up. Some motherboards use different keys for it but usually it's DEL (it'll come up anyway just as it starts up with a message that says "Press DEL to enter setup" or something similar).

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