Is it possible to connect my computer to my hi-fi?

  ethelene 12:30 27 Mar 2005

I like listening to late night radio programmes the next day and can do this through the internet.

Problem is the sound quality is quite poor - standard computer speakers only.

Can I connect the pc to my hi-fi for better quality sound?

I am not techie at all - so thanks in advance for straighforward replies!


  Sethhaniel 12:36 27 Mar 2005

need a jack lead from 'line out' (or even headphone outlet)on computer to 'line in' on amplifier of hi-fi unit. Standard lead available at all hi-fi shops.

  ethelene 12:40 27 Mar 2005

Many thanks for that - I do feel a fool. I didn't think it would be that simple.

I do have a cable that used to connect the hi - fi to the tv. Will this do?

  Minkey1 12:49 27 Mar 2005


If the kit is reasonably close, and your PC has audio out and your hi-fi audio in, you could do it via audio phono cables. There are also esoteric boxes which can log in to a wireless network but you're talking a fair amount of money and complex setting up for mixed results.

I don't think Belkin do it now but I got their Tunecast FM transmitter. It's aimed at iPods to transmit the output to a car radio but works just as well in the house. With a piggy back adapter from Maplins you plug it and your speakers in to your PC sound card. Then whatever sounds your PC is playing can transmit via FM to your hi-fi - always assuming it has a tuner section. The results are pretty good and total cost around £25.

If you have an FM tuner I'd google for FM transmitters/senders and see what comes up.

It's about the easiest and cheapest way if you can't physically connect the kit.


  ethelene 12:52 27 Mar 2005

Thanks minky - the units are very close so shouldn't be a problem.

I shall go to maplins and buy the necessary cables.

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