is it possible to change the colour of the taskbar

  woofwoofbark 06:09 17 Jan 2007

Does anyone know of a way to change the taskbar color to something other than the ones provided (blue, silver, green and classic)?

  Miros 07:11 17 Jan 2007

Go to control panel select display right click to open, select themes and make your choice from there.

  Miros 07:17 17 Jan 2007

in control panel you could also select appearance!

  Miros 07:21 17 Jan 2007

that should be in in Display, select appearance.

  woofwoofbark 08:23 17 Jan 2007

I now have a light bluey/grey taskbar , looks cool , just a pity there aint a program to adjust colours , i'd likea black background on the taskbar with orange windows , wouldnt that be great lol


  Miros 08:40 17 Jan 2007

You could get those colours by going to advanced in appearance I think, but sounds yuk to me, everyone to their own I suppose.
You will need to play around with them a bit to get what you want, the best of luck.

  cocteau48 09:21 17 Jan 2007

Why not give your complete user interface a makeover.
Have a look at the wincustomize site at:
click here
WindowBlinds5 is a paid for version although you can download a free trial at:
click here
If you like the idea you could also google for the free version Windowblinds4 (it was also on the PCA coverdisk last March)which comes with about ten free skins and I am sure that one of them is black.
The fully paid for version gives you access to nearly 4000 different skins,black/orange,you name it,there is just about every colour combination and design you could think of.

  lisa02 09:41 17 Jan 2007

click here

it's free & from microsoft... black/grey and orange coloured theme.

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