is it possible

  rins36 00:39 25 Mar 2003

to send a fax from a computer without giving out the fax number? The fax number is the same as my home number and as I am ex directory I dont want to give out the number

  Djohn 00:46 25 Mar 2003

Not sure about that, but I do know that even though you are ex directory, every time you make a call your number will be available to the person you call, if they use 1471, unless you use 141 before the call. J.

  Pesala 07:09 25 Mar 2003

I have never done it, but it is apparently possible to send an email to a fax machine. Presumably this would hide your phone number, but would reveal your email address. Maybe even that can be kept private.

click here to learn more.

Other forum members may have practical experience of using this method.

  Pesala 07:11 25 Mar 2003

click here to learn more.

  €dstow 08:08 25 Mar 2003

I may be confused with what is required here but I usually send fax messages in anticipation of a reply - for which my fax number is required. To this end I make an effort to include my fax number with the message. If I don't do that, my recipient doesn't know where to send the reply message as, certainly on my system, the originating number (mine) is not automatically sent out with the message.

If you mean by the 1471 facility, do as Djohn says. Otherwise, why not send a letter?


  rins36 19:23 25 Mar 2003


I use 141 when i make calls to ppl that i dont want to know my number, i have used this also for sending faxes from the phone/fax machine that i have at home. This method means printing the fax, diconnecting from the pc to send the fax & then reconnecting once the fax has been sent which takes time etc

I just wondered if the same could be done from the pc,ie putting 141 in front of the number prior to sending the fax

  Forum Editor 19:32 25 Mar 2003

to send a fax communication without including the return fax number.

This is to prevent people sending abusive/obscene/threatening faxes, and is why all fax machines print the ident on the top of every fax.

  Bacon & Eggs 19:46 25 Mar 2003

Not being in possesion of the FE's knowledge...

You can put 141 in front of the number for sending the fax by changing the 'Home' settings to be found somewhere in Modem Properties in Control Panel (memory fails me). It works, too, I used to do it when I lived at home and used the family PC.

You'll also need to edit the headers that it sends, which wasn't a picnic to find. (I was using something called Comm Central at the time, a bane of humanity that came free with the PC).

However if it is in fact illegal, you'll all have to add it to my list of crimes (speeding on motorways, buying alcohol when already under the influence, wearing purple shirts with orange ties, calling someone a poltroon on a Thursday...)

  rins36 18:22 26 Mar 2003

Forum Editor

Thanks for the info, its just that there are certain companies that info needs to be sent to & I dont want them to hassle me if they get my home number.

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